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Nostradamus C8 Q93: Legacy of a Priest concerned about environmental change.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus tells the story of the priest whose concerns over climate change lays the framework for the actions of his successors in regard to the evolutionary impact they want to curb.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

poets poems spans subordinate subplots alter draper true plans
Sept moys ſans plus obtiendra prelature

Ponsard (N's spouse) encodes discs dangers Serpentaire rites enframe
Par ſon deces grand ſciſme fera naiſtre

prelature reputes invader testimony nature true destiny
Sept moys tiendra vn autre la preture

transpires inexpansive environ Nestorian pervertedness preserved
Pres de Venise paix vnion renaiſtre
For seven months, no longer, will he hold the office
through his death a great schism will arise;
for seven months another acts as prelate near Venice
peace and union are reborn.
Sept moys ſans plus obtiendra prelature
Par ſon deces grand ſciſme fera naiſtre
Sept moys tiendra vn autre la preture
Pres de Venise paix vnion renaiſtre
L1: <subordinate plans Says true Step real moSsy><pre-drain subplots><~pander true bit moSsy Step spans real soul~><moSsy plants-boundaries><Spans moyst sublot><plans bouts><uSer alter / alert bit pander soul>petraeuS benoist tempo temperS

L2: <diScS enframe aSpirate encoderS><a dePrecatorineSS enframeS diSc><PredatorineSS graces><an encoderS fear a PrieSt><PrieSt encodes ra-ciSmS dangers><greecs fear retainS Pardons><SerPentaria cedes arson><encoderS enframe ParaSite><free aSian>

L3:<peerS true testimony><~paler nature moyst invader true peSt~><derivant nature><temperS true><destiny tempoS>

L4: <~ix apes PerseVered in Saint revnion~><~PertainS ix in environ apes deserVe~><ix (nine) apes enViedSerPentaires revnion><PerVertedneSs iS ix apes revnion><ixv (14) Peers envied neStorian apes><retainS preserVed inexpansive ion><deserVe PrieSt near ix apes vnion><inaner ion PerVertedneSs><ix apes environ tranSPire><ape enVies PreDisaster revnion>
1: deprecatoriness, predatoriness, pervertedness, inexpansive, testimony, subplots,
2: persevered, destiny / density, discs,
3: Serpentaria, Serpentaire, aspirate / parasite, environ, enframe / freeman, severed,
4: subordinate, pre-Disaster, Paulsson, mossy, 
5: bounties, 
6: pensive / Vespine, graces, Arians,
7: transpire, encoders, tempers (2x), vnion, served,
8: Petraeus, says, xvi,
9: bouts,
10: pardons, reputes (2x),
11: Nestorian, prelature (+1 in text), painters / pertains (2x), Benoist, disc,
12: rapture, encode, uvant / vaunt, arena,
13: plans,
14: austere, spans,
15: Vrda,
16: inaner,
17: encodes,
18: Reuters,
19: -
20: arsenite,
21: derivant,
22: -
23: -

inexpansive, testimony, subplots, deprecatoriness, predatoriness, pervertedness, persevered, destiny, discs, enframe, Serpentaire, environ, subordinate, severed, pre-Disaster, mossy, bounties, Arians, pensive, graces, transpire, tempers, encoders, union, Petraeus, says, xvi, bouts, pardons, reputes, Nestorian, prelature pertains, Benoist, disc, encode, arena, austere, plans, spans, arsenite.




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