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Nostradamus C8 Q94: Jesus-clone's son leads a crusade in Cathar lands.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse continues the story of the son of the Jesus clone whose Crusade matches the path of those who destroyed the Cathar faith in Southern France.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

collate plows opuscula (minor work) get attuned fut[u]re  Hercul[e]s wanted
Deuant le lac ou plus cher fut gette

despite deepmost epitomes monotheists confides codes hosted defections
De ſept mois et ſon hoſt deſconfit

Norse pythons span Albagnosian parable[e]s  gnosis antagonises ageists thrones
Seront Hyſpans par Albannois gaſtez

repeatedly replayed Peter entered on Lancelot flection already dearly repented
Par delay perte en donnant le conflict
In front of the lake where the dearest one was destroyed
for seven months and his army routed;
Spaniards will be devastating by means of Alba,
through delay in giving battle, loss.
Deuant le lac ou plus cher fut gette
De ſept mois et ſon hoſt deſconfit
Seront Hyſpans par Albannois gaſtez
Par delay perte en donnant le conflict
L1: <collate plouus><get tell>cupola lancelot opuscula(pamplets) lupus lurches such

L2: <hosted on deepmost sites><despite monotheists><host confides> codes defections epitomes epsomite ethnos second sepdet tempo mpost speed fit dnoces stones moist onsets omits infested shot

L3: <span pythons> agios albagnosian rezones thorn ageists baal thrones gates stage pythons typhons throne north shorten rezones antagonises zeroes anion payns zest banal

L4: <no delay><entered pact><conflict replayed> once pyre prey continental done repeatedly peyrat already pays dearly parley pteryla part oncelt peter retype clone yale
1: monotheists, albagnosian, defections, repeatedly, opuscula, pythons, typhons, replayed, already, hosted, dearly,
2: antagonises, confides, hysteron, loculate, lancelot, deepmost, pteryla, cupola, payns,
3: epsomite, epitomes, collate, ageists, agios, thy,
4: impost, peyrat, retype,
5: repented, gnosia, saigon, ethnos, honest, plouu,
6: parley, delay, play,
7: lurches, metopes, poemset, despite, north, thorn, shy,
8: resetz,
9: thrones, shorten, plouus, costed, caelo,
10: anions, such,
11: rezones, denote, lupus, anion, repay,
12: zeroes, gates, stage,
13: throne, onsets, stones,
14: moist, omits, spans, host, zest,
15: oncelt, banal, zeros, pays,
16: -
17: -
18: seerz,
19: lancet,
20: sepdet, zees,
21: omit,
22: conflict, sites,
23: -

Albagnosian, monotheists, defections, repeatedly, antagonises, Opuscula, pythons, Hysteron, confides, replayed, Lancelot, loculate, deepmost, epitomes, already, hosted, ageists, collate, conflict, pteryla, impost, dearly, repented, despite, thrones, pious, gnosis, rezones, anions.


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