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Nostradamus C8 Q95: The manner by which the Jesus line continues.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 95  The story in the text is that of the experimentors at the meeting where the conception of the Jessus clone takes place and the DNA is inserted.This verse provides the bridge to the story of the future of man beyond the 22nd century. The symbols in the text provide the clue that it involves the line based on DNA from Jesus relics.


 The story in the text is that of the experimentors at the meeting where the conception takes place and the DNA is inserted.


 The anagrams tell us that the woman is led to believe she is chosen by ancient oracles rather than less honorable means. The seed from alien creatures locked for aeons in asteroids is mixed with that of the Jesus DNA and implanted in the woman who will nurture a Jesus clone.


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Aliens creatures used  less seed  of  minerals treasure Almeisan armies seclude
2. Tempest quakes teach Jeschua uuaqes each estates equal state
3. Clever lyne  loses a cross cause accuser fleech scarce cell
4.  Israel doctrinate spy consent treat ancestorial oracles aerial ordinate decryptation tolerances
The seducer will be placed in a ditch
and will be tied up for some time.
The scholar joins the chief with his cross.
The sharp right will draw the contented ones.

Le ſeducteur ſera mis en la foſſe
Et eſtache juſques a quelque temps
Le clerc vny le chef auec ſacroſſe
Pycante droite attraira les contens.

L1: <measurer cut of seedles aliens><less creatures used><seduce true><armies less used ruse><aliens of truce>treasure inflames alfonse(jordan) minerals rearms aim marie centuries marines marries man-of-lies iames almeisan seminal masniel culdees erasmi d see

L2: <jhesu state><tempest teaches jeus><equels queus> jesu each estate que sequela state jehu scathe tempests spectates scheat equals estates quelque cheats sqeuus

L3: <a cross cause><so careful scarce> rvne-cycle cell aeacus chafe accuser across lyn

L4: < spy><israel consent><real trait><doctrinate spy><ancestorial treat>decryptation tancred (1st crsdr) oracles ordinate containerless arterial orientated tolerances close detraction solace atirat oiltancers dictyopteran detroit ariel


1: JESCHUA, JESHU, ANCESTORIAL, DECRYPTATION, spectates, dictyopteran,  2: CROSS, ACCUSER, DOCTRINATE, TANCRED, containerless, detraction, Detroit,   3: ORIENTATED, ESTATES, INFLAMES, SEEDLESS, TOLERANCIES, ACROSS,   4: TEMPEST, ARTERIAL, CREATURES, measurer, accuse,  5: ALMEISAN, alfonse, SCARCE,   6: MINERALS. SEQUELA, MARRIES, quelque, Culdees / seclude,   7: CONSENTS, tempest, aerials, Aeacus,  8: -  9: TRAIT, ERASMIEN, TEACHES,   10: TOLERANCES, testes,  11: AUSTERER,  12: -  13: ORACLE, EQUALS,  14: ESTATE, ORDINATE,

15: solace, aria,
16: aqueus, uuaqes, chafe, rearms,
17: aerial,
18: reuters, seduce, losers,
19: marines, remains, jesu, jeus,
20: consent,
21: cheats/ chaste / scathe / scheat, chats, educt,
22: cheat / teach, foal,
23: -

containerless, ancestorial ,decryptation, doctrinate, runecycle, orientated, Jeschua, consent, tolerances, Detroit, tempests, creatures, Tancred, accuser, Almeisan, arterial, minerals, measure, across, seedless, estates, scarce, ordinate, teaches, oracles, marries, treasure.

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