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Nostradamus C8 Q96: The Eastern Madonna who in deliverance is the victim of her talent for war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 96 In the Middle East a Christian woman of talent is born amongst the missiles af an Arab- Israeli conflict. Forced into a marriage with a lazy suitor she escapes the burden by taking  drugs. Condemned  she will choose to die an agonising death.In the Middle East a Christian woman of talent is born amongst the missiles af an Arab- Israeli conflict. She is forced into a marriage with a lazy suitor and escapes the burden of this marriage by the use of drugs. Her actions are condemned by those who control her life and she will choose to die an agonising death, leaving behind a child that will shape the outcome of the war.


This is one of the many incidental tales Nostradamus chose to write and thereby lay out the incidents that shape the course of his major themes. His story can be picked out of the text but it is in the anagrams that the greater detail lies. The hidden content is full of religious references as well as birth and career markers all of which although rare have interwoven connectivities with each other and the message of the text.


There are several names used in the anagrams that generate a framework of the events. The use of the name Heracles and his tasks suggests the magnitude of what she faces while the name Arachne indicates she will be judged by those in control as being too indepedent, highly talented and too much of a challenge to theie ambitions. 


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Analyst agog easterliness gesture annuls rituals unfurls guest saintly agony
2. Friendliest career event enter lines defiles fiend
3. Only fail if baby pouuder duties filled
4. Arachne resteer rites truly arealises Heraclean missile
The sterile synagogue without any fruit,
will be received by the infidels,
the daughter of persecuted of Babylon,
miserable and sad, they will clip her wings.

La ſynagogue ſterile ſans nul fruit
Sera receu entre les infideles
De Babylon la fille du porſuit
Miſere et triſte luy tranchera les aiſles.

  1. <realiSe anaLySt gueSt go it unfurls><iSraels nuns>< a SaintLy ><agony rituaLS geSture><earlieSt uSe>
  2. <~else euen friendliest careerS~><find leSser lies enter rare cue><enter lines defiles careerS>
  3. <BaiteD pouuders nobly fail ill><idleful><if Suitor pulled><~SuBeditor ably pulled final o~><proud Baby duties pour><filled allon(France- Loire) aBbey>
  4. <utterly heraclean as MiSSileS teeter>.<heracles aimleSS riSe><heracles sail SeisM teeter><Salaries /aliaSes tranche / chanter><SiMiles as Seer healer><truly achernar /arachne [Goddess of weaving]/ archaean / enarch> reMiSs
1: SAINTLY,ANALYST, UNFURLS, AGONY,   2: FRIENDLIEST, SUBEDITOR, UTTERLY, ANNULS, HERACLEAN, MISSILES, POUUDER, EASTERLINESS,  abbey,    3:  IDLEFUL, ARACHNE, BABY,TRULY, AREALISES, MISSILE, similes, archean, seleniuret, achenar, pulled, achernar,  4: NUNS, filled, healers, 6: FRUIT,rainless, bolyn, nobly, fruit,   7: charnel, aerials, ritualHEALER, felines, ably,   5: RITUALS, DEFILED, SUITOR, GUEST, BAITED, , messier, fill, 8: subedit, flailed, debit, babe,    9: GESTURE, FIND,  10 AIMLESS,  SEISMAL, FIELD,  CAREERS, iseult, remiss,
11: heracles, salaries, earliest, aliases,
12: lays, slay,
13: tireless,
14: smiles, fiend,
15: listener, releases, duties, suited, career, bay,
16: chanter, tranche,
17: -
18: diuerts, final,
19: teeter,
20: realise, debt,
21: -
22: rachel,
23: -

saintly, analyst, unfurls, agony, friendliest, easterliness, subeditor, Babylon, Heraclean, powders, missiles, utterly, rancher, annuls, abbey, seleniuret, infidels, idleful, Achernar, missile, similes, Archean, Arachne, Achenar, pulled, truly, baby, felines, healer, ably, rituals, defiles, filled, baited, suitor, healers, guest, nuns, rainless, Bolyn, nobly, fruit, charnel, aerials, Messier, fill, subedit, flailed, debit, babe, gesture, find, aimless, seismal, Iseult, careers, remiss, field, Heracles, salaries, earliest, aliases, slay, tireless, smiles, fiend, listener, releases, duties, suited, career, bay, chanter, tranche, diuerts, final, teeter, realise, debt, Rachel.


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