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Nostradamus C08 Q98: In the time of flood Children are sold to the rich as unwitting sources for organs.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C8 Q98 Vast amounts of Vhurchmen blood spilt as Easterners legends and Presages narrate the tale of reincarnated seedlingsThis verse indicates the 22ndC organ trade is based not only on children but people such as church officials to whom new rulers take exception.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Legends arranges presages passengers seedlings as sudden genes 
2. Once commenced then genius leave sign dangers readings  abandoned
3. Easterners spearsmen chanters narrates Antares Serpens long met
4. Enclave denote century cruel uvave ruin old valence
Of the church men the blood poured forth
Like water in vast abundance
and for a long time it won't be restrained,
woe, woe, for the clergy ruin and grief.
Des gens d'egliſe ſang ſera eſpandu
Comme de l'eau en ſi grande abondance
Et d'vn long temps ne ſera reſtanche
Ve ve au clerc ruyne et doleance
L1: <presages and legends used><agileness agrees span used><and passenger aisles used><presages a sudden agileness> seedlings undead gledi

L2: <eleusian danger commenced a bond><an abandoned singer / reigns><-a don led unease bargained commence~><bandare sign> rings

L3: <etched sense narrates><an easterners vnetched><hence a sense arrests><thence east rareness><rarest seen> tranches serpens reassert chants antares

L4: <old valence><told uneye>ruyn alone entered- uuar-cycle nuclear-enercy(clerc=clerg) undecretory(not by decree) cruel.eve.lance.tourneyed veculare curry celurca(montrose, fife) recur enclave
1: abandoned, legends, commenced,
2: seedlings, vnetched,
3: reabandon, commence, spearsmen, seedling, eleusian, enclave, valence, celaeno, sudden, adobe,
4: bargained, agileness, chanters, tranches, Easterners, narrates, etched, thence,
5: passenger, creatans, bandare,
6: reusing, vented,
7: drainage, presages, stepmen, rareness, gledi,
8: drainages, lenaeus, genius, undead, grins, bond, unease,
9: -
10: chasten, cretans, trances,
11: abandon, serpens, denote,
12: chants, abadon,
13: perseans, antares, etche,
14: -
15: reassert,
16: -
17: resign, reigns, singer,
18: recur,
19: astrea, ruyn,
20: alone,
21: -
22: edges,
23: hence, dud,

commenced, abandoned, legends,seedlings, unetched, reabandon, spearsmen, seedling, Eleusian, enclave, valence, celaeno, sudden, adobe, bargained, agileness, chanters, tranches, easterners, narrates, etched, thence, passenger, Creatans, Bandare,reusing, vented, drainage, presages, stepmen, rareness, Gledi, drainages, Lenaeus, genius, undead, grins, bond, unease, chasten, trances,abandon, Serpens, denote, chants, Perseans, Antares, reassert, singer, recur, Astrea, ruyn, alone, edges, hence, dud.


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