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Nostradamus C9 Q2: Corruption is found in Rome's atomic waste contracts.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus' verses althogh not written in absolute date order do show a progression through the centuries from the year 2000 to well into the fourth millennium. This verse belongs with those telling of turmoil in the 22ndC. The theme that emerges from this verse is part of the tale about many cities whose nuclear waste material is exploited. In this instance it is a by-product of Corruption involving the Mayoress of Rome. Its content is also used to develop complex code relationships.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

adult amount unite vision you hued
Du hault du mont Auentin voix ouye

widest [tez vuyd] zed wide zed loudest ousted excludes solutes cost
Vuydez vuydez de tous les deux coſtez

dangerous Dragoness  regularises Mayoress realises Israel moralises  my earlier guardedness
Du sang des rouges ſera l'ire aſſomye

normal-proactinium proamniotic column locator micro-manipulator demountable abodement razed
D'Arimin Prato Columna de botez
From the top of the Aventine hill a voice heard,
Be gone, be gone all of you on both sides
The anger will be appeased by the blood of the red ones
From Rimini and Prato, the Colonna expelled.
Du hault du mont Auentin voix ouye
Vuydez vuydez de tous les deux coſtez
Du sang des rouges ſera l'ire aſſomye
D'Arimin Prato Columna de botez
L1: <you due ix><invent amount><unite at mound> uhu hud adult attune unatone

L2: deuuless uxed soul xucode uxcode excused vuuxy uuxy us duty excludes cost loudest zest solutes

L3: <so realises used my dangerous><earlier guess><grand ourse><guardedness so israel are my>< israel>rogues androgeus guerdons largesse moralises salaries israels aerial dragoness angus ariel moyse(moses) dangers mayoress sandgrouse

L4: <to a column><named meridianz cool part><to daze> azoted bedamn damn umbonated patron normal-proactinium abodement micromanipulator demountable zemindari(tax collection) locator proamniotic abdomen benzoated adobe monluc razed actor normalproactinium
1: normalproactinium, micromanipulator, proamniotic, guardedness, regularises, umbonated, meridianz, zemindari, benzoated, locator, column, monluc, azoted,
2: demountable, abodement, moralises, deuuless,
3: androgeus, dangerous, dragoness, abdomen, adobe,
4: sandgrouse, guerdons, bedamn, mossy, datez,
5: loudest, daze, adze, uvy,
6: mayoress, moyse, razed,
7: excludes, aerials,
8: xucode, uxcode, invent, radim, guess,
9: earlier, croat, actor, cato,
10: egress, cool,
11: salaries, largesse, amount, hud,
12: dregs,
13: realises, attune,
14: zest,
15: -
16: mount,
17: israels, adult, aerial,
18: excused, solutes,
19: -
20: mound, you,
21: ousted,
22: solute, outed,
23: sudan,

Normal-proactinium, micromanipulator, proamniotic, demountable, guardedness, regularises, meridians, abodement, moralises, dangerous, Dragoness, locator, column, excludes, abdomen, realises, Mayoress, bedamn, largesse, salaries, invent, earlier, amount, Irsaels, actor, excused.

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