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Nostradamus C9 Q03: Rome's improperly dumped Atomic waste causes genetic mutations.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 03  The first fifteen verses of the ninth century are fixed (i.e. in Ns original order) and they give special guidance for the space age.The story in this verse follows on from C9 Q2 as indicated by symbols such as 'Blood, fire, flood', 'double-headed monster' and the 'greatest ones in space' which relate to to radiation effects and their connection to mining of meteorites in space.

 These events emerge as serious problems early in the 22nd century. The story in the anagrams expands that begun in the previous verse and provides details of the expansion of the problem beyond the local region of Rome.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Magellan granted our label auuaqen aquan-anagram
2. Quin seen  for serener sea induct oceans ordnances partz
3. Mideastern doublets extrudes assortment Nostredamux estates  laboured 
 4. Psellus splurge pleases apes as seas engulfed lands 
The GREAT COW at Ravenna in great trouble,
Led by fifteen shut up at Fornase
At Rome two double-headed monsters born
Blood, fire, flood, the greatest ones in space.
La magna vaqua a Rauenne grand trouble
Conduictz par quinze en ſerrez a fornase
A Rome naiſtre deux monſtres a teſte double
Sang feu deluge les plus grands a l'eſpase
L1: <aqua trouble danger> label magellan allanuueber anagram-valuable tudor blue troubled rotunda

L2: deacons fornaze ordnances second once reason centuries zequin azof(blk sea) sea oceans dnoces induct pazt partz uncodes senze serrez

L3: <monster double mediterraneous states>< restate name is nostredemux><men tested as laboured>doublets(word pairs) mideastern arsenite assortment easternmost estates extrudes unsteadier emonia emona uxed treats easter istar moerae exude anemoi teresa b somn

L4: <seas engulfed lands><gulps as><and sale passes fang> sleep spell splurges garlands pulses pleases feud fueled psellus elapses deluge pellus
1: mediterraneous, easternmost, assortment, Magellan, Fornaze, Azof,
2: doublets, extrudes, troubled, states, engulfed, 
3: Nostredemux, estates, laboured, doublet,
4: ordnances, starset, fueled, fangs, Serrez,
5:  unsteadier, uncodes, zequin, pazt,
6: mideastern,
7: leuud, fang, senze,
8: splurges, Psellus, boreal, label,
9: steadier,
10: garlands, raiments, double, errz,
11: rotunda, deacons, Emonia, direst,
12: deluge, detest / tested,
13: induct, extrude,
14: monsters, sonance, morale, estate,
15: oceans, Doube, serener,
16: aqua,
17: rotund, elapses / pleases,
18: -
19: treasons,
20: inmates, arsenite, astride / tirades,  reduxe,
21: rouble, ousted,
22: Tudor, passes, Iraqu, outed,
23: troubl.

Nostredemux, easternmost, Mediterraneous, assortment, unsteadier, Mideastern, ordnances, engulfed, troubled, Magellan, laboured, extrudes, doublet, uncodes, unreadiest, raiments, splurges, garlands, sequin, Deacons, estate, fueled, boreal, monsters, label, Psellus, detest.

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