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Nostradamus C9 Q04: Flood refugees show extent of radiation damage from illegally dumped waste.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse amplifies the turmoil that underlays the criminal usage of radioactive material from waste dumps. It is clear from this verse and C9 Q3 that it relates to the period when the seas have recently risen by a huge amount.

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 04 This verse tells us many of the secrets of future years will only be understood in the period when the great flood is at its height.However such floods bring other attendant ills and the refugee flows that seem so strong in the 21stC become far larger but this time the direction is reversed with people fleeing from Europe to Africa and the Middle East.

The text also provides a strong endorsement of the interpretation given in the previous verses for it makes sense when read as the story of leaders fleeing the shadows of radiation released from vaults they have plundered.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Unsteady navy costed codes uurote  parts de Gaulle glued
2. Mediterranien empire dread nitramine retained in fleshes caudex

3. Feud fury unrelaxed revalued-axle-number refugee flee
4. As cc [200] age impurer american-time-reequips-cage interned remain
The following year discoveries through flood,
Two chiefs elected, the first one will not hold
The refuge for the one of them fleeing a shadow,
Their house maintains the first one plundered.
L'an enſuyuant deſcouuertz par deluge
Deux chefs eſluez le premier ne tiendra
De fuyr umbre a l'vn deaux le refuge
Saccagee caſe qui premier maintiendra.
L1: <departz unsteady couuer><touuerz raped><uuays angel ruled><true codes> uurote coutures cadents degaulle deluge pazt yuan annes

L2: <fleshes caudex(thickened><drained entire uzeless empire> perimele uxed dread trunk) mediterranien repel retained miner eddarun

L3: <refugee feud><fury unrelaxed> uury flexure lx marble vernal verbal valnumbered velar bear xl reflex anvl rulex

L4: <equips marine><americans case cage><empire cease trained in arm> caiques nitramine sacque raiment aim marie ninetriads picaresque reequips sadr quiper intend arcas impure iacques pasquier ardas umpire
1: mediterranien, degaulle, departz, fleshes, refugee,
2: unrelaxed, reflex,
3: picaresque, nitramine, unsteady, touuerz, flexure, verbal, refuge, uuays, suuay, fury,
4: caiques, iacques, enlaved,
5: uzeless, intend, pazt,
6: impure, entiree, uury,
7: cadents, partz, chux,
8: cease,
9: perimele, costed,
10: pasquier, reequips, casque, sacque, yuan, cage,
11: reequip, vernal,
12: requips, deluge,
13: interned, caudex, fess,
14: equips,
15: quiper, velar,
16: coutures, drained, venal, ardas, fuy,
17: raiment, ardeux,
18: refuel, miner, anvl,
19: daunt, ermine, arcas,
20: amber,
21: marble, rezt,
22: retained,
23: couture,

picaresque, Mediterranien, unrelaxed, DeGaulle, nitramine, departs, unsteady, fleshes, refugee, interned, verbal, cadents, flexure, reequips, coutures, uzeless, Perimele, impure, ways, drained, costed, vernal, parts, miner, cage, raiment, equips.


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