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Nostradamus C9 Q5: Turkish cult invades Europe causing havoc that destroys ancient tombs.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams in this verse hold an intriguing tale of a Middle Eastern cult that resembles those we see appearing in our current era. There is also a distinctive cluster that relate to a tomb of the French Albret familywhere there is an image of an asteroid curved into one of its prominent arches. The text suggests it is located near a river in Pisa, Italy and its wording implies that events to take place parallel those in 1511AD when a meeting of three Cardinals met in Paris. This meeting was a significant watershed in the religious ructions emerging throughout Europe and the Levant.

The anagrams that frame this story include:

Albret marble tiers destroy di[s]puted idea impure empire immerse resemble asteroid liberates
Tiers doit du pied au premier ſemblera

Vultan own wave Roman Qoran Quran based has a vault
A vn nouueau monarque de bas hault

Parque quip eyes cult quest use see estuary Turkeys notary procurance
Qui Pyſe et Lucques Tyran occupera

encaptured creed accented rigor fateful ledger fleed
Du precedant corriger le deffault
The third toe will seem first
To a new monarch from low high,
He who will possess himself as a Tyrant of Pisa and occupy it
To correct the fault of his predecessor.
Tiers doit du pied au premier ſemblera
A vn nouueau monarque de bas hault
Qui Pyſe et Lucques Tyran occupera
Du precedant corriger le deffault
L1: <putid (Lat: putidus= foul) asTeroid reSemble impure idea><pure idea immerSe putid rods><meriTable rimes pure idea><arTeries impure Sembler><alberT / alBret rise immerSe pure idea><marble Tiers>

L2: <roman vultAn on harquebusade (bombardment) uuaue~><quran beheads a vultAn nouu><vultAn has ouun bed><a roman uuaue has no vultAn bed><debase quran><qoran base due>

L3: <See Turqeys cult eQuiP procurance><cult quesT see iraQu Spy procurance >

L4: <elder aDult accented pure rigor><elder accented fateful rigor><fateful ledger>hgb <encaptured aDult><fed ledger fault> <ePiStyle (architrave) parQue> creed coenacted
1: harquebusade, procurance, corrigent, accented, decanter / recanted, immerse,
2: encaptured, coenacted, meritable, epistyle, Turqeys, steeply, beheads, surety,
3: estuary, bashed, abash,
4: liberate, fateful, espy,
5: asteroid, Albert / Albret, vault, fault, debase,
6: resemble, impure, Sheba, reeled,
7: Vultan, enacted, ledger, rigor, eyes,
8: retailers,
9: quest,
10: based, cult, idea,
11: atremble, Alberti, arteries, direst,
12: notary,
13: premieres, reblame, hauls,
14: noun,
15: storied,
16: -
17: adult,
18: fleed, creed,
19: -
20: astride / tirades,
21: marble,
22: Quoran, Qoran, Iraqu, creep,
23: -

harquebusade, procurance, accented, steeply, immerse, Albret, vault, epistyle, marble, resemble, asteroid, meritable, Turkeys, cult, co-enacted, direst, creed, liberate, fateful, idea, Qoran, quest, debase, surety, beheads, impure, adult, encaptured, recanted, Vultan, arteries, atremble, fleed, estuary, notary, ledger, based, rigor, retailers, eyes, espy. 


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