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Nostradamus C9 Q7: Prophecies solution relies on sounds that resonate in the decoders mind.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is another unusual verse with a long history of its being a reference to the discovery of Nostradamus code. And the anagrams of the last line reinforce this notion. The contents of this line lead to a solution that is difficult to change especially while keeping to my rules. It is about the manner in which the images of the story are stored and it is a mnemonic means using sounds that one learns by rote. It is this holding of the rhythms of each verse that allows the connections to be found. It is a system of resonance between poetry and the brain.

The anagrams giving support to these themes include:

early neurolemma (sheath of neuron) motoneuron torment woke worry
Qui ouurira le monument trouue

vineyard event intervened driven leaders prompter emportment
Et ne viendra le ſerrer promptement

male unvariedly nondeparture driven invented operant pro-war power
Mal luy viendra et ne pourra prouue

minds use Iexu
(Jesu) Exodist restore by diamines monandrous tetroxides
Si mieux doit eſtre roy Breton ou Normand
He who will open the tomb found,
And will come to close it promptly,
Evil will come to him, and one will be unable to prove it
It would be better if he be a Breton or Norman King
Qui ouurira le monument trouue
Et ne viendra le ſerrer promptement
Mal luy viendra et ne pourra prouue
Si mieux doit eſtre roy Breton ou Normand

L1: <uue torment><torment u-uomen><men moun-t touuer>neurolemma (nerve axon sheath) morale rotten almoner uuoqe uuarrio-r

L2:<emportment repealerS intErvened / rEinvented><ireland Seer Event emportment><invader tenement preemptor><prompter leaderS err><invEnted reSale>Slanderer learned

L3: <nondeparture uproar><neater pouuer uproar><prouuar Male unvariedly pour ><retained open>vineyard

L4: <i do it By rote roMan mindS reStore><By rote or random Noun i reteSt idiom-uSex> moNandrouS mOtoneuron (nerve in motor center of brain)

1: monandrous, motoneuron, tetroxides, neurolemma, intervened / reinvented, unevilly, diamines, Exodist,
2: unvariedly, nondeparture, meter-prop / pre-emptor, prompter, tenement,
3: Neuroptera, invented, 
4: unoperated, minds, boy,
5: emportment, vineyard, slanderer, pro-uuar,
6: -,
7: turnout, uuarior,
8: mouuer,
9: mall,
10: -
11: prompt,
12: parented,
13: -
14: morale, Vienne, mourn, noun,
15: torment, almoner, damns,
16: repour,
17: restore, menu,
18: -
19: -
20: operant (x2),
21: -
22: retained, random,
23: -.

monandrous, motoneuron, tetroxides, neurolemma, intervened , unevilly, diamines, Exodist, unvariedly, nondeparture pre-emptor, prompter, tenement, Neuroptera, invented,  unoperated, minds, boy, emportment, vineyard, slanderer, pro-war, turnout, mower, mall,  prompt, parented, premieres, reblame, hauls, morale, Vienne, mourn, noun, torment, almoner, damns, repour, restore, menu, blame, lamp, operant , marble, retained, random.


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