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Nostradamus C9 Q08: Syria develops protium at a time when comets fall.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In a verse very close to this (C9 Q06) I mentioned that the most obscure of the verses needed other input from the lettering in order for their sense to be seen but they also needed the support of other verses. This verse is a good example of that process for there are several strong links that can only be seen when the anagrams of each are compared. There is for example asteroid in C9 Q5 while here in this verse we have meteors (emort Eſ). Also in this earlier verse there were anagrams of vault, epistyle and marble leading to the conclusion that an astral image had been left on a monument and in this current verse we have adjacent anagrams saying repeats deflections on shrine where the middle part seems to be a condensed or corrupted representation of meteorites.We also have an atomic thread via  Protium (mort Pui), matter (ttre a m). There are other entries which relate to religion and events at the end of this century.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

protium inputs any ray Syrian foray impersonate atmometer matter permeations
Puiſnay Roy fait ſon pere mettre a mort

a corpse deflections tremor shine insert hones on one set shrine
Apres conflit de mort tres inhoneſte

restrict woes so bounds bonus radon remoter meteor strict
Eſcrit trouue ſoubſon donra remort

Octateuch [first 8 bks of Bible] waken old land chases up seas espousals
Quand loup chaſſe poſe ſus la couchette
The younger son made King puts father to death
After the conflict very dishonest death
Inscription found, suspicion brings remorse,
When driven out wolf lies down in the bedstead
Puiſnay Roy fait ſon pere mettre a mort
Apres conflit de mort tres inhoneſte
Eſcrit trouue ſoubſon donra remort
Quand loup chaſſe poſe ſus la couchette
L1: <SyRian matter Put or imperSonate / permeationS><~itS rate any perSon meet ProtiumS foRay~><any pointerS ProtiumS foRay meet><PuritanS metator><inPuts / Putins Ray><PuritanS / raSPutin re-open atmometer (evaporation measuring device) / atom-meter fiatS>

L2: <timelord confers Ape Sent inshore><SenAte corpse shrine><rotter confers timed honeSt ape sin><honeSt Ape insert score><repeAtS deflections on shrine>

L3: <on rare mEteor our Strict bondS uuoeS><~So touuer bonuS rEstrict more radon~><So rEmoter radon touuer bonUs><So boundS rEStrict tremor uuoeS><Strict mEteor uuorSe><So rEStrict touuer on rare boundS>Sector

L4: <chaSeS up old octateuch (Pentateuch + 3 other Bible chapters) eSpouSalS><loud eQuant etch><eSpouSeS land haS coup><uSeS aeSopS land pouch><So land coup uSeS phaSeS / ShapeS>Sphacelous (gangrenous waste) SpouSeleSS
1: deflections, sphacelous, praetorium, Octateuch, spouseless, espousals, timelord, bounds, strict, bonds,
2: rhinestone, protium(s), Rasputin / Puritans, couch,
3: trisector, restrict, inputs / Putins, Syrian, shrine,
4: impersonate / permeations / spermeation, atmometer / atom-meter, metator, inshore, trisect, armorer, bosun / bonus, teeth,
5: confers, ethnos / honest, Aesops, chute,
6: phases / shapes, reopen,
7: espouses, shone, fay,
8: points, meteors, timed,
10: rotter, shin,
11: pointers / proteins,
12: fiats, 
13: -
14: hone,
15: tremor, 
16: -
17: meteor / remote,
18: chaps Sauls, lift,
19: espouse,
20: sector, uuoes,
21: -
22: capers / pacers / sparce / scrape,
23: spouse, senate.

protium, deflections, atmometer, restrict, bounds, honest, Puritans, confers, Octateuch, espousals, Syrian, shrine, inputs, meteors, permeations, timed, phases, inshore, armorer, reopen, chute, proteins, bonus, shone, teeth, fiats, lift, rotter, tremor, woes.


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