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Nostradamus C9 Q10: Money and opiates cloud the picture of a priestly intercourse.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse seems to be linked to the hidden messages of C8 Q96 in which a nun bears a child and is punished for not keeping to the proper rituals. The last line of the current verse contains a strong sequence of anagrams saying ' other sacred oracles' while those in the earlier lines relate to money and treasure that possibly is linked to drug-runners. Its text implies a means of ritual exposure for unacceptable births. There is an anagram for Sefirot in the third line which fits to the idea this verse is meant to be linked to a series of similar toned quatrains. If this is done a picture is built of a nun who serves a non-uniformed household function in an abbey where drugs are traded with the local populace but she is unable to speak in her own or her child's defence when she bears a child to a monk and the authorities condemn the child as the bastard offspring of a nearby army.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

money omen yes-no seeds formant torment poems money exports
Moyne moyneſſe d'enfant mort expoſe

merrier rumour our uproars rouse Easter waterers  pray treasure river estuary
Mourir par ourſe et rauy par verrier

appose (place side by side) forties operas my map emplaces
Par Fois et Pamyes le camp ſera poſe

orthocenter no other sacred oracles as close as seers forecrier redress
Contre Tholoſe Carcas dreſſer forrie
The child of a monk and nun exposed to death,
To die through a she-bear, and carried off by a boar
The army will be camped by Foix and Pamiers,
Against Toulouse Carcassonne the forerunners form.

Moyne moyneſſe d'enfant mort expoſe
Mourir par ourſe et rauy par verrier
Par Fois et Pamyes le camp ſera poſe
Contre Tholoſe Carcas dreſſer forrier.
  1. <money poeMS><Money exportS SeeS money torment fanned><yeomenS formant [vocal range] needS><deafneSS torment yeomen [ upper echelon household servant]>
  2. <~pray river uproar our riMe treaSure~><our Merrier pair rerouteS>
  3. <yes operaS map Pastime For aPSe><PopeS eraS emplaces my opPiates Far><pamperos [SW wind]><aeSoP paperS Map Forties seFirot scale>
  4. <oTher sacred oraCles><CarcaSsed for Seers><Close arc as orThoCenter [intersecting altitudes of triangle] redreSS>
1: orthocenter, carcassed, formant,
2: emplaces, exports, deafness, export, merrier,
3: campers, opiates, yeomens, Nefand,
4: pamperos, hotter, yeomen, cards,
5: uuaterers, appose, expose, scarce,
6: Moyse, loose,
7: Tierceron, Metatron, pastime, spearof, deafens, Yames, river,
8: roseuuater, pampers, uproars, sacred / scared, popes,
9: Aesop,
10: money,
11: austerer / treasure, poems, other,
12: forties / sefirot,
13: oracles, opera,
14: austere, rimer,
15: torment, solace,
16: reroutes, sensed, sperm, Oslo / solo,
17: Iosef, camp,
18: Reuters, yesno, crier, pox,
19: Arcas,
20: redress,
21: -
22: -
23: -

orthocenter, carcassed, formant, emplaces, exports, deafness, export, merrier, campers, opiates, yeomens, Nefand, pamperos, hotter, yeomen, cards, waterers, appose, expose, scarce, Moyse, loose, Tierceron, Metatron, pastime, spearof, deafens, Yames, river, roseuuater, pampers, uproars, sacred, popes, Aesop, money,  treasure, poems, other, forties, oracles, opera, austere, rimer, torment, solace, reroutes, sensed, sperm, Oslo, Iosef, camp, Reuters, yesno, crier, pox, Arcas, redress.

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