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Nostradamus C9 Q12: The exploration of the fundaments of the universe and its potential returns.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 12  This verse is about the death of a wealthy woman whose folowers shift their focus from silver to gold only to lose everything by their failure to remember events of the past. This verse is full of symbolism alluding to peope, places and appropriate parallel events. One significant set of anagrams refers to Archelaus, ethnarch and ancestor oracles. This points to events associated with the ethnarch of Arabia, Herod Archelaus and oracles around the time the Jesus legend began to form. However the verse's anagrams also carry a more modern theme where absorbent, slower, retardant  and nucleators relate to processes involved in nuclear and sub-nuclear reactions. But the idea of a torrent suggests it is a process where a stream is fired while eternal cure and farewelling life  imply a medical research aim.

Key anagrams for resolving this verse include:

1. Lecturer latent dart granted eternal meter retardment recur
2. Archelaus ancestor misuse musical oracles louuer touuers torrents
3. Ethnarc cheer ill grant feuu feel uglier fareuuelling life
4. Yet Yule indorses orders less absorbent use
So much silver of Diana and Mercury,
The images will be found in the lake:
The sculptor looking for new clay,
He and his followers will be steeped in gold.
Le tant d'argent de Diane et Mercure
Les ſimulachres au lac ſeront trouuez
Le figulier cherchant argille neufue
Luy et les ſiens d'or ſeront abbreuez.
  1. <~a Detained Lecturer granted Meet~><~Detained Meet Latent danger recu~><eternaL cure granted><~Detained Met granted eternaL cure~> <DeMentia cure aLternated> <cruel Meter attend Detained range><Denigrated cure aLternated>
  2. <~caSual charles miSuse zLouuer torrent~><~nucleatorS [nucleus forming] touuer muSical hears Lesz~> <archelaus [Herod-ethnarch era] oracleS><anceStor uurote><iSlum casual torrentuous caSual reach><archelaus Secular Seism>
  3. <fareuueLling ethnarch i feel><uglier Life feuu anarch-telling> refueLling
  4. <nor aluuebberZ torn styles endorSes><yet indorse abSorbent [absorbing] reueLz>
  1. 1: detained, fareuuelling  refuelling, absorbent, 
  2. 2: casual / causal, zlouuer, nucleators. 
  3. 3: denigrated, Archelaus, 
  4. 4: lecturer, alternated, torrentuous, endorses, 
  5. 5: musical, ethnarch, 
  6. 6: dementia, indorse,  7 to 20: hears secular, Charles, uglier oracles, torrent, latent /talent, ancestor
  7. -
  8. hears, secular
  9. -
  10. Charles
  11. -
  12. uglier
  13. oracles
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -
  17. torrent
  18. latent / talent
  19. -
  20. ancestor

Key Ideas:

Archelaus, ethnarch, farewelling, absorbent, nucleators, lecturer, detained, retardment, eternal cure, refuelling, torrents, uglier, musical, oracles, Charles, ancestor, orders, girl, eternal, smiles.


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