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Nostradamus C09 Q14: N's nightly ritual linked to ancient lunar calendars.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is a most peculiar verse whose text I believe is a description of Nostradamus visionary technique. The cauldron is the bowl he places over a flame and it contains seven banned substances that he drops into a base liquid. As it warms it relases fumes.

The anagrams provide support to this idea. The first line begins with ' My lunar pens each ruled (My - s en p - lanur -e cha -ulder)  suggesting the intimacy of himself, his writing and his nightly ritual. There are also anagrams such as forewarns (ſur forneau) and auspex (aux Sep) that affirm it is about the process of prophecy. One of the many issues raised in this verse involve the nature of his calendar and it does so by inserting anagrams such as lunar (lanur), Yule (uyle), tidal (al dit)  and Seaborne (s bornea). These are all relevant reference points for lunar calendars from both Sumer and the Nordic Sagas.

The anagrams giving the frame to this verse include:

my pens relaunch lunar reach ruled Norse infected Sumer
Mys en planure chaulderons d'infecteurs

forewarns timeline the Yule beast is Urs
Vin miel et huyle et baſtis ſur forneaulx

Norse plot long gazes tidal landmass admit dismal calf Urs true facet
Seront plongez sans mal dit mal facteurs

auspex expansure borne pestit-announced fume taints
Sept fum extaint au canon des borneaux
Dyers' cauldrons put on the flat surface,
Wine, honey and oil, and built over furnaces
They will be immersed, innocent, pronounced malefactors
Seven of Bordeaux smoke still in the cannon.
Mys en planure chaulderons d'infecteurs
Vin miel et huyle et baſtis ſur forneaulx
Seront plongez sans mal dit mal facteurs
Sept fum extaint au canon des borneaux
L1: <My pens unclear/ nuclear><halued nuclear plan><My lunar pens ruled each odins> <auld norse infected urs> <suMer infected auld norse><nuclear /unclear hauled><reMys plan relaunched><messy plan infect'd norse true rune><each pens My old-rune>.

L2: <xlVi (66) foreuuarnS its / tis the yule beaSt> <the yule timeline beat ur StaSis Valuex> <for urS is teStable>exuVial (cast off dead part)

L3: <norSe plot urs facet> <landmassez gone> <mans gazes on><admit true calf><norSe plot sure fact><dismal malt furcates (forked)><long esz mans tidal>

L4: <it-announced orbs expanSure (process of expanding)> <peSt fumex attain> <uxeS seaborne>
1: foreuuarns, rufescent, expansure, infected, timeline, dismal, x-value, gazes,
2: undersold, landmass, relaunch, testable, exuvial, taximen, enrobes, lxvi / xliv, tax,
3: furcates, sea-borne, furcate, faucet, assist,
4: forerun, hauled / halued, stepx,
5: attain fiends, finds, tidal, bends, lunar,
6: Matilda, indorse, nuclear, infect, belate, calf,
7: facet,
8: auspex / pauxes, unreal (2x), messy, suits, xvi /xiv,
9: Arnebo, bodes, find, fact, dial / laid,
10: Odins, robes, taxi,
11: muster, plot, fume,
12: uacant, canon, orbs / robs,
13: surest, alfa,
14: fiend, borne,
15: furs, sits,
16: -
17: -
18: -
19: acute, 
20: beta, beat, hut,
22: beast / beats,
23: -

dismal, gazes, forewarns, expansure, lxvi / xliv, infected, timeline, sea-borne, landmass, undersold, relaunch, testable, auspex, assist, nuclear, steps, fiends, attain, halved, beast, calf, furs, muster, messy, facet, suits, lunar, tidal, bends, Odins, unreal, dial, belate, finds, taximen, fact, rufescent, robes, plot, orbs, surest, pauxes.




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