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Nostradamus C9 Q16: Places in the high country of South West Europe successfully repel the Arab invaders.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams for smallbear and asteralism provide strong pointers that the date for this quatrein is near the end of this century when the current Pole Star that is in the tail of the Little Bear constellation reaches its closest point to the North Pole. This dating allows a landscape to be ascribed that fits to the topics in the text. Castel Franco and the Riviera identify points located on the western coastline and northern slopes of Italy. The heights of these two towns above sea level mean the events must be well before the floods reach their full height but well enough advanced that there exists a great gulf linking the two locations. There are five asterisms Altair (Aquila), Alterf (Cancer), Small Bear (Ursa Minor), Plough (Ursa Major) and dragon (Draco) identified via the anagrams.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 far left falconers cast consortia asteralisms Small-Bears Altair assemble
De caſtel Franco sortira l'aſſemblee

amassable under plain craftiness fantasy assured rascisms embalms
L'ambaſſadeur non plaiſant fera ſcisme

elementals exclude rib seer see Norse-tree lament
Ceux de Ribiere ſeront en la meſlee

guarantee dragon God plough replenished deniers nonsterile letter-enn enter
Et au grand goulphre deſnier ont l'entree
Out of Castelfranco will come the assembly,
The ambassador not agreeable will cause a schism
Those of Riviera will be in the squabble,
And they will refuse entry to the great gulf.
De caſtel Franco sortira l'aſſemblee
L'ambaſſadeur non plaiſant fera ſcisme
Ceux de Ribiere ſeront en la meſlee
Et au grand goulphre deſnier ont l'entree
L1: <cronos trail falters><cede smallbears consortia falters><fornicators castle><blameless trial><consort left decease> assertorial salaries alas bleed assemble altair alterf asterismal atrial felt falconers

L2: <albam assured no saint plan><blame rascism><under no plain><lamb cassimere> annapolis craftiness melisma amassable embalms mabassa norn faster lemma alias asian neuron rondeau assad racisms fasten asunder

L3: <elementals norse><excludee males><bride not resiree><else no lament excu(s)ed><seer ride on elementals bier> dreux nomenclature melees exude mantle semele reduxe tonne tree

L4: <guaranteed plough enter><nonsterile herd><let no reindeers enter> letterenn lettern lunargod dog god upholder replenished ephedrins dragon senior teeter
1: fornicators, replenished, assertorial, smallbears, Annapolis, ephedrins, amassable, cassimere,
2: craftiness, asteralism, asterismal, elementals, upholder, embalms, plough, reindeers, melisma, albams, decease,
3: consortia, guaranteed, lunargod, guarantee, letterenn, excludee, rascism(s), falters, albam,
4: falconers, blameless, consort, climes, dog / god,
5: Norse-tree, Mabassa, Cronos, fasten, bride,
6: nonsterile, Alterf / falter, Assad,
7: aground,
8: rondeau, atrial / Altair, ceased,
9: glou,
10: Franco, assured,
11: salaries, caries,
12: dragon, lament / mental / mantle,
13: lemma, melees/ Semele, bleed, bass,
14: assemble, fantasi, castle,
15: faster, enamel, lamb,
16: -
17: -
18: -
19: reducex, blame, teeter, left /, felt,
20: exuder, reduxe,
21: neuron, alias,
22: Dreux, herd,
23: Asia.

fornicators, replenished, assertorial, smallbears, Annapolis, ephedrins, amassable, craftiness, asterismal, elementals, upholder, embalms, Plough, reindeers, albams, decease, consortia, guaranteed, Lunar-god, guarantee, letterenn, rascism(s), falters, albam, falconers, blameless, consort, climes, God, Norse-tree, Cronos, fasten, bride, nonsterile, Alterf, Assad, aground, Altair, ceased,assured, salaries, Dragon, mantle, lemma, Semele, bleed, bass, assemble, fantasy, castle, faster, blame, teeter, felt, neuron, alias, herd, Asia.

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