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Nostradamus C9 Q18: Resistance to Arab invasion spreads to middle Europe.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 18 This verse  involves a Northern Empress /Qn a predatory drug clan and shady deals to acquire food for people driven out of the lowlands marshes. The name Montmorency  suggest it refers to  the man who governed the hilltop fort of Les Baux .The text of this verse provides a means for Nostradamus to layout the extent of flooding in Europe without it being apparent. However anagrams for 'replace shoreline ' in the fourth line support the claim that this was its intent.


In this and C9 Q16 there are clues that the story is related to that in other verses which describe the flood he foresaw for this time together with an accompanying invasion by Arabs who seek to challenge and replace local warlords.


The anagrams of this verse also provide a backgound story involving a Northern Empress or Queen, a predatory drug clan and shady deals to acquire food for people driven out of the lowlands marshes. The name Montmorency would have been familiar to Nostradamus and anagrams in the first line saying Ann's sly yells suggest it refers to the family of the man who governed the hilltop fort of Les Baux (a few kilometers from St Remy where the prophet was born and raised).


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Days off report narrated Ann's sly yells delays isotrope DNA predator
2. Fenlanders elders select jumpier queens ruled true empire
3. Feuu argue Montmorency a gourmand but rebut a random drugman
4. Shore-line pouuerx lies deliuerz clearer cereal replace honey
The lily of the Dauphin reaches into Nancy,
As far as Flanders the Elector of the Empire
New confinement for great Montmorency,
Outside proven places delivered up to clerepeyne.
Le lys Dauffois portera dans Nanſy
Jusques en Flandres electeur de l'empire
Neufue obturee au grand Montmorency
Hors lieux prouez deliure a clere peyne.
L1: <sunday is off report><and delays fuel of airports> strifeproof narrated posterior days reports predators isotrope praetor tarared retard trader sandn annas

L2: <queenslander juries feel><seer ruled empire> jesu perimele fenland flanders jumpier reselected impel duplemeter elect ensue empireruled enfuse fenlanders endears sqeuus

L3: <but one feuuer argue><random atom urgency> gourmand damn buto not more rebut nomad drugman

L4: <uuilder expozure replace shoreline><honey repel> horse pouuerx heron rho suriel deliuer

1: Montmorency, RESELECTED, JUMPIER,SHORELINE,   2: FENLANDERS, POSTERIOR, PREDATOR, HONEY,  3: GOURMAND, NARRATED, CLEARER, ISOTROPE, DELAYS, Connery,     4: FLANDERS, JURIES,  5: POUUER-X,   6: RESELECT, PREDATORS, DAYS,   7: CEREAL, yells,  8: eructed,   9: perimele,  10: DRUGMAN, Tarared,   11: lenders / slender,   12: QUEENS, REPLACE,  13: DELIUER, LECTURE, REBUT / BRUTE, heron,   14: HONE, REPORTS, ENFUSE,   15: TRADER,  16: -  17: -  18: BUT,     19: REARGUE, JESU, BOUT,    20: off,
21: -
22: random, porter / report, monad,
23: impel, reliue / reuile.

Montmorency, strife-proof, empire-ruled, duple-meter, shoreline, reselected, jumpier, Fenlanders, posterior, monoterm, predator, Fenland, honey, gourmand, isotrope, Connery, narrated, delays, clearer, Flanders, juries, pouuerx, predators, reselect, days, cereal, eructed, perimele, drugman, Tarared, slender, replace, queens, lecture, deliuer, brute, heron, rebut, reports, enfuse, hone,trader, but, reargue, bout, Jesu, off, random,  report, monad, impel, relive.


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