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Nostradamus C9 Q19: Darkened skies cause new chemicals to be used in crops to increase their protein content.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

One of the other side-effects of the great flood is the impact of thick clouds upon food production. Decreased light means that occasionally stars appear in daylight but the sun has too little power to ripen crops. This and the previous verse are linked by their usage of an anagram for drugman as well as an anagram for Englander so their inclusion may well imply they provide the means of boosting protein for a soon to be born infant of an important family line.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

lands Williem lead amnesty deal for Danes mastery
Dans le millieu de la foreſt Mayenne

only fluorated bromate loaf laborsome tomb arousable
Sol au Lyon la fouldre tombera

enlarges starband Saturdays drugman marauding Englander lineage
Le grand baſtard yſſu du gran du Maine

Jove four progenies proteins seen generants enter race
Ce jour fougeres pointe en ſang entrera
In the middle of the forest of Mayenne,
Lightning will fall, the Sun in Leo
The great bastard issued from the great one of Maine,
On this day a point will enter the blood of Fouger
Dans le millieu de la foreſt Mayenne
Sol au Lyon la fouldre tombera
Le grand baſtard yſſu du gran du Maine
Ce jour fougeres pointe en ſang entrera
L1: <mastery of><deal for amnesty><rest of lands may><elude slime and ill><mastery of>metafors astrofel softer stream ayen foremast formates etyma(word base) feudal ennead seminal masniel alef

L2: <ruled only of a tomb><only boreas><also ruled foul atom>fluorated bromatesfallout barometers ambrose(4th c chosen by mob) mob louder solar arousal arousable bear bares

L3: <daystars band guard us><marauding englander><mud lineage abradants> liegeman dryas bastardy gardenable dry drug aim alien ysus bandar starband yssu bands enlarged bad saturdays emaniel drugman melaine

L4: <four rogue points seen enter><pointers seen agen enters><regent race> progenies joue pioneers regnant rare intense joint crater proteins generants career tracer senate retrace annes
1: marauding, abradants, arousable, starband, daystars, foremast, formates, metafors, mastery, dryas,
2: laborsome, bastardy, progenies, forelead, ambrose, arousal, ayllu,
3: derangable, gardenable, barometers, fluorated, amnesty,
4: bandagers, pioneers, feudal,
5: liegeman, aeolusar, regnant, boreas, etyma,
6: generants, bands,
7: emaniel, bandar,
8: bromate, points, lineage, ennead, suds,
9: crater, tracer,
10: astrofel, drugman, reeling, bad,
11: proteins, pointers, yssu, ysus,
12: dry,
13: englander, greenland,
14: foul,
15: career, ayen,
16: intense, joue,
17: mill,
18: mates, teams,
19: brand, errant,
20: flora, amber, mast,
21: terms,
22: forest, softer, master, stream, foal, foal,
23: masniel, seminal, tomb, senate,

Key Ideas:

abradants, marauding, laborsome, mastery, arousable, derangable, barometers, starband, daystars, fluorated, formates, Ambrose, bastardy, progenies, pioneers, amnesty, liegeman, arousal, drugman, generants, Englander, proteins, feudal, bromate, Bandar, Boreas, regnant, lineage.

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