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Nostradamus C9 Q21: The virtuous view of the tragedies of war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 21  In Blois temple at Solonne a king is killed in keeping with the topic in encryptorial poetryThe names in the text of this verse take on meaning when ascribed to places along the Loire and just south of Blois. In the very heart of the Loire Valley and at the gateway to Sologne is the royal town of Blois.


Throughout history many significant people and events have been centred on Blois. Joan of Arc, Henry IV, Marie d'Medici are a few that are part of the many that would have been of concern to French people in Nostradamus time. The text carries the bitter-sweet tunes of a particular battle and this articulation of the peculiar glories of war-based savagery is mirrored in the anagrams.


The poetic process for carrying the message is also mentionned via the anagrams.

The anagrams from which structure can be deduced include:

1. Solon amputee heal doubtlessly none lose scars oracles caress
2. Poetry punctation reportedly encryptorial  topic
3. Larcenous victor user secure deltas stream enclosure
4. Adulterer proud tale meant orb enables carbons untradeable balances 
At the high temple of Blois holy Sologne
Night Loire bridge Prelate King killing outright
Crushing victory in the marshes of the pond,
Whence prelacy of whites miscarrying.
Au temple hault de Bloys ſacre Solonne
Nuict pont de Loyre prelat roy pernicant
Curſeur victoire aux mareſtz de la lone
Dou prelature de blancs a bormeant.
  1. <~noumenAte [gestalt of human emotions] oracleS douBtleSsly a help~><noumenAte oracles BodyleSs> <conSoler Bolted epAulement [right angled attachment]><Bullethead><looSen Scars><heal Amputee>
  2. <real poetry redepLoy / depLetory><encryptoriaL puNct'ation><reportedLy puNction [punctures] tale> <prelate notedLy><proletary [lower class] reNunciant>
  3. <victor CreuuS alone><maSter dealz / lazed><onCe zed Set all marx (marks)><enCloSure> larCenouS SeCure
  4. <carbons meant true blade real prouD><meant adulterer rob balances><blade carbons amounteD> enable petrol-uuar endurable ascendable
1: doubtlessly, encryptorial, punctation, untradeable,  reportedly, renunciant, consoler, depletory, carbons, endurable,,
2: encriptory, epaulement, nucleolar, notedly, Ambrose, bolted,
3: poetry, balances, larcenous, petroluuar, proletary, bodyless, enclosure,  topic, creuus,
4: ascendable, unoperated, Bodleys, Victor, donate, usurer,
5: deployer, enabled, amputee, uneaten,
6: amounted, canals, Boyle, aleph, loose, Marx,
7: adulterer, help,
8: yodel, scars, says,
9: loosen,
10: closer, solon,
11: prelature, duPont,
12: rescue / secure,
13: oracles, bleed, breed,
14: clans, zest,
15: -
16: Oslo, solo,
17: adult, amuxe, bled,
18: blade, ounce,
19: -
20: alone, debt,
21: -
22: erotic, master, stream,
23: caress, scares.

encryptorial, doubtlessly, punctation, untradeable, bullethead, reportedly, renunciant, depletory, punction, noumenate, endurable, consoler, carbons, encriptory, epaulement, nucleolar, notedly, Ambrose, bolted, petrolwar, proletary, bodyless, larcenous, enclosure, balances, poetry, topic, creuus, dealz, lazed, ascendable, unoperated, Bodleys, Victor, donate, usurer deployer, enabled, amputee, uneaten, amounted, canals, Boyle, aleph, loose, Marx, adulterer, help, yodel, scars, says, loosen, closer, Solon, prelature, duPont, secure, oracles, bleed, breed, clans, zest, Oslo, adult, amuxe, bled, blade, ounce, alone, debt, erotic, master, caress.


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