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Nostradamus C9 Q24: The organ industry reaches into the branches of the Royal families.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse we see a story of intrusion and legal processes to protect those who have trespassed into forbidden places.

The anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

pleasures alias auroch (Nordic Ox) heroic desire redefines nest enters
Sur le palais au rochier des feneſtres

Norse art rivals durationless rituals seed uxed type USA story
Seront rauis les deux petits royaux

descriptionless Apes assure rule silence etched inclosed chute solicitress sister trespasses
Paſſer aurelle Luthece Denis cloiſtres

non-animal loads travellers laws an
Nonain mallods aualler verts noyaulx.
Upon the palace at the balcony of the windows,
The two little royal ones will be carried off
To pass Orleans, Paris, abbey of Saint-Denis,
Nun, wicked ones to swallow green pits.
Sur le palais au rochier des feneſtres
Seront rauis les deux petits royaux
Paſſer aurelle Luthece Denis cloiſtres
Nonain mallods aualler verts noyaulx
L1: <reSt redefines pleaSures alias><heroic feeds enterS ursa alias><StreSs heroic defense rule>eSs rule enterS dechifers (decodes) our alias> <cahours><alacrious heir enterS pleaSures> auroch repulSeS asia defers herodic

L2: <norSe rituals story deputixes uxa ><not uxe residuals><uxe Suxa durationless story><uranolites seed Suxa story><seed uxe Sex insulator>expulsed exudes eludes

L3: <~chute silenceD Stories ell rule era PaSS~><Directionless chute><since treSPassers cede oil><oilS allure treSpaSser><PriestS aSSure a rule incloseD><chute Denies ell rule><SeaS deScriptionless era><SPareS incloseD Sister allure><SilenceD Stories><Solicitress neeD etch><Soil Dehiscence (split along layers) era treSpAss><silicon>

L4: <old animal anoy usa travellers><non animal loads allure><all usa revert> <a stony luxoN (a massless particle in relativistic physics)>
1: directionless, travellers, trespasses, solicitress, redefines, trespassers, descriptionless, dehiscence, residuals, 
2: silicon, insulator, dechifers, deputixes, priests / stripes,
3: durationless, deputixe, cloister, Herodic, sparsest, defense, stony / Tyson, rosex, 
4: inclosed, expulsed, duplexes, urinator, etched, stress, luxon,
5: Cahours, rituals, chute,
6: reassure, reverts, choir, allure (2x), defers, lever,
7: uranolites, repulses,
8: declines / silenced, heroic,
9: revert, mall,
10: Troys / story,
11: pleasures, loads, anion,
12: animal,
13: toils, surest, 
14: slides, reside,
15: sauior, sold,
16: -
17: feeds,
18: repasses,
19: mania,
20: hut,
21: alias,
22: passes, Iona,
23: nosy Asia.

directionless, travellers, trespasses, solicitress, redefines, descriptionless, silicon, insulator, dehiscence, deputixes, priests, sparsest, defense, stony, residuals, inclosed, Cahours, durationless, rituals, pleasures,allure, reassure, choir, silenced, heroic, story, etched, stress, animal, toils, surest, loads, feeds, Asia, mania.

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