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Nostradamus C9 Q25: The new rulers of Spain end the organ trade based on children.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse fits to the story of a particular event involving the kidnapping of a royal child for the purpose of farming the child's organs for sale to the transplant and DNA industries. The last two lines of text imply that this event is one which disrupts an undesirable trade pattern.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Persias planets inventors pressed prioress rosier roses rise
Paſſant les pontz venir pres des roſiers

ready dart river radar pulse so Quitos crudely trade
Tard arriue plus toſt qu'il cuydera

driven on plenteous espionage long blazes rise divineress revises
Viendront les noues eſpaignolz a Beſiers

empires empress emphases siren caress acquire ice each cell clashes
Qui icelle chaſſe emprinſe caſſera
Crossing the bridges to come near the rose trees,
Sooner than he thought, he arrived late.
The new Spaniards will come to Beziers,
So that this chase will break the enterprise.
Paſſant les pontz venir pres des roſiers
Tard arriue plus toſt qu'il cuydera
Viendront les noues eſpaignolz a Beſiers
Qui icelle chaſſe emprinſe caſſera
L1: <persias inventorz pressed rose planets><not pass planets><roses rise> reprised prioresses spelt pontz presses vesperin serapis leptons praises respired satans

L2: <quits radar pulse to><curtail quotas ready> crudely pileuuorts pustule pustulose tarared dyer lust

L3: <plenteousness gain><lozing a base><stolen series driven><espionages blazes rise>< revises>toluenes seeps balzo(baux) divineress inversed baizes rises long zonal basez espouse zab

L4: <iraqui empress scares><chases empire><arsenic cell emphases> ciphers-names quai since clashes arques reemphasis squares alches premise cash sachs caesars
1: plenteousness, ciphers-names, inventorz, espionages, emphases, crudely, blazes, Balzo,
2: divineress, prioresses, pustule, Iraqui, baizes, revises, zonal,
3: reemphasis, prioress, lozing, Caesars, blaze, basez,
4: pustulose, premises, caresses, ready,
5: -
6: dyer,
7: Pluto's, toluenes, respired / reprised, clashes, empress,
8: Leptons, arriued,
9: radar,
10: squares, Tarared,
11: planets, series,
12: arsenic, quits, lust,
13: -
14: revise, cases,
15: -
16: Caesers,
17: princes, arriue,
18: Satans,
19: empires / premise, espouse, Persias / praises / Serapis,
20: redress,
21: pressed, quilt,
22: Iraqu, spelt,
23: -

inventors, CipherNames, plenteousness, emphases, divineress, espionages, crudely, blazes, prioresses, pustule, lozing, alzo, premises, Caesars, zonal, clashes, revises, toluenes, caresses, reprised, planets, leptons, arrived, arsenic, ready, Persias, radar, espouse, Satans, premise.

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