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Nostradamus C9 Q27: Children of the elite become organ donors preferred by traders.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse places it firmly in the story line from which it can be deduced there is a trade in human organs early in the 22ndC that favours organs harvested from young clones of the rich. The anagrams for bolides (meteors) and ravaged plants help place it in this time slot as does those for cloudier vision which conveys an impression that it is at the far end of Nostredamus future-seeing range.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

bodies graal event engraved controls portends resonated bolides
De bois la garde vent cloz rond pont ſera

letter carefu[l] paper appear dual leader Paul haunt-hill
Hault le receu frappera le Daulphin

evil executive obconic visions Persians era reveal Voisins
Le vieux teccon bois vnis paſſera

nonpacifist plants soul revolt cloudier w[o]rded older fiction 
Paſſant plus oultre du duc le droit confin
The forester, the wind will be close around the bridge
Received highly, he will strike the Dauphin.
The old craftsman will pass through the united woods
Going far beyond the right borders of the Duke.
De bois la garde vent cloz rond pont ſera
Hault le receu frappera le Daulphin
Le vieux teccon bois vnis paſſera
Paſſant plus oultre du duc le droit confin
L1: <resonated controls boils pond><oils debaser ravaged><debaters on oils><engraved controlz><bodies treason event><ravaged trades>redsea graal albegois(heresy) averaged clot portends denver bolides(meteorites) iob blois dearest bolis

L2: <let haul in dual ph><deal appear><real paper dual> urfa reappeal hip tell appareled careful prepare paul apep appealer repeal

L3: < pass evil era>< vision passes><real boon><pains reveals>snsvi(angel) several exulcerative(ulcer making) executive voisins avile obconic apsis asepsis velar levi spain visions levieux alive iob utx spains

L4: <older nonpacifist><clue dud telurous rod><slouu pains plants> cloudier fiction soul upslant outrules spain plutons colder curled satans spains
1: nonpacifist, controlz, executive, obconic, appareled, fiction, ravaged,
2: albegois, cloudier, voisins, visions, bolides, debaters, plants, boon,
3: upslant, appealer, reappeal, adobe,
4: engraved, vision, plaud,
5: plutons, colder, spains, spains, denver, clot,
6: resonated, portends, vented, reveal,
7: apparel, bodies, debaser,
8: levieux, curled, slouu,
9: plouus, asepsis, graals, snsvi,
10: bolis, blois, boils, apsis,
11: outrules, telurous,
12: reveals, several, arested, dearest,
13: utx,
14: plant, retell, teller, spans,
15: oncelt, velar, lags,
16: conc,
17: pond,
18: satans, dealer, leader,
19: pains, pains, spain, spain, bared, bread,
20: spin,
21: souu, hip,
22: passes, alive, avile,
23: dud,

nonpacifist, controls, obconic, executive, Albegois, fiction, cloudier, visions, bolides, ravaged, plants, debaters, engraved, portends, resonated, Plutons, outrules, colder, bodies, apparel, Denver, plows, dearest, plant, reveals, bolis, dealer, Satans, pains, bared, Spain, pond.

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