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Nostradamus C9 Q30: Great floods act as draconian population controls.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse must be assessed in the light of the changed seascape which Nostradamus states will cover seventy per cent of arable land. The anagrams concentrate on the social consequences that follow such a dramatic shift. To see Nostradamus outspoken presentation of these matters see my paper titled Floods where many of the relevant references are gathered together.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

alas overpopulated instead Clinton inaction instated
Au port de POVLA et de ſaint Nicolas

re-equip riper norm Andraemon random flowerage fouler phanatic acquaint
Perir Normande au goulfre phanaticque

caped basin arsenic securance Saracen carve Curies healers
Cap de Bisance raues crier helas

coders degrades Eddas duet guard Philand[e]r equip
Secors de Gaddes et du grand Philipique
At the port of Pola and of San Nicolo,
A Normand will punish in the Gulf of Quarnero
Capet to cry alas in the streets of Byzantium,
Help from Cadiz and the great Philip.
Au port de POVLA et de ſaint Nicolas
Perir Normande au goulfre phanaticque
Cap de Bisance raues crier helas
Secors de Gaddes et du grand Philipique
L1: <clinton ideas><in latonic dates><overpopulated instead><torpedo inaction><dates incapsulation> atropus alas volpa dianes atropus salonica declinations ideas upsala delta latinicons indian-sect dalet depot oval instated social

L2: <foul peer acquaint><oman gulf><norm reequip> named panthea random andraemon flouuage flouuerage quantic damn roman anahit pierre acquit tania peh

L3: <arsenic use><charles cries><palaces abides><cause heir> securance curies heracles acalephs cabins carbines saracen cancer alches beid saleh healers richer arcane

L4: <philip set guard><and degrades><equips decors> add cordages hip drug lii quiesce deeds qi score crossed coders isil
1: incapsulation, overpopulated, declinations, indiansect, inaction, flouuage, salonica, acalephs, cordages, clinton, panthea, volpa,
2: latinicons, aconitines, flouuerage, acquaint, torpedo, social, anahit, richer,
3: carabines, securance, philip, abides,
4: andraemon, carbines, latonic, acquit, crossed, palaces, quiesce, upsala, healer, caped,
5: picquet, acanthi, healers, depot,
6: quantic, instated,
7: saracen, tania,
8: arcane, oval,
9: glou, beid,
10: charles, recodes, curies, cruise,
11: heracles, reequip, ticq,
12: atropus, cabins, arsenic, norman, dregs, clio,
13: saleh,
14: equips, foul,
15: -
16: alches, pad,
17: add,
18: instead, elated, eddas, crier, heap,
19: grades,
20: -
21: deport, decors, coders, scored, pierre, aides, ideas, hip,
22: random, basin, caps,
23: quic, here,

overpopulated, incapsulation, declinations, flowerage, inaction, Salonica, acalephs, cordages, acquaint, Clinton, carabines, Andraemon, securance, torpedo, Philip, Picquet,instated, quantic, richer, social, palaces, abide, Saracen, coders, equips, arsenic, depot, random, grades.

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