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Nostradamus C9 Q32: New minerals health outcomes terrorise people
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

The Codon verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesC9 Q32 has many connections to C1 Q21 with the texts of each showing significant aspects underpinning their messages. Compare the first line of the current verse which says A deep column of fine porphyry is found with the first line in its paired verse The rock holds in its depths white clay.  It is evident that both relate to the properties of valuable minerals or cornerstone ideas that are extremely well hidden. And each verse's anagrams binds that hidden resource to Nostradamus' codes.

This verse has anagrams for CODON (ond Co) and PROOF (profo)  in its first line while the first line of C1 Q21 has anagrams for cipher,  proof and  reading_label plus codon specific terms.

Nostradamus C9 Q32 Codon Proof Ciphers Rock Depth Bones Twisted HairAlso important is other anagrams in the first lines of these paired verses offer detail about the nature of Nostradamus' media for code. In this verse there is define_prop (e De fin / porp) and uurote_on_ll while in C1 Q21  there is rhetoric and our_channel. However they differ in that one verse pays attention to genetic code mechanisms while the other relates to mechanisms used in N's poetry linking his lettering to astronomic objects.

Yet this current verse and its paired verse hint at their own resolution through the use of wording in their later lines. In this verse's second and third lines we have Inscriptions of the Capitol under the base; Bones, twisted hair, the Roman strength tried. These words hint that Nostradamus' main ideas are contained under the text (via anagrams?). While bones and twisted hairs hint at relics from which DNA is extracted from paired chromosomes.

This verse also contains a set of anagrams from which it can be deduced Nostradamus saw the modern era relying on a regime that was commom in his day. They appear in the third line and suggest  terrors spoil  core pouuer Reformations procure (retors R   / s poil / ors Romain f_orce_ prouu   /   rce prou).

It seems from the text and anagrams of this verses that the authoritarian powers of a mining enterprise have an unforeseen impact on the genetic code of life.


A deep column of fine porphyry is found,
Inscriptions of the Capitol under the base;
Bones, twisted hair, the Roman strength tried,
The fleet is stirred at the harbor of Mitylene.
De fin porphire profond collon trouue
Des ſoubz la laze eſcriptz capitolin
Os poil retors Romain force prouuee
Claſſe agiter au port de Methelin

L1: <collon uurote><proof heir Define prop><prop Define outrun><fienD touuer> profer

L2:<criptz DespoliationS><pactz prices zeal><it capz oil priceS><coalpitz / capitolz script><eSso platinoiD><ballz DeluSions><az it pierceS oil pactz>

L3: <teRrors spoil><Reformations core pouuer><procure spOiler of main Rotors><of astRo-minor>

L4: <tiger Clan lie SeaS theM deport><the irate pour Meted analgeSicS><SenSical triage in helMeted port><~CalliSthenes (Gk historian) deeM gautier a port~>

1: despoliations, reformations, callisthenes, platinoid, analgesics,  line-theme, helmeted, Azael,
2: astrominor, delusions,  topical,
3: Blazalous, scriptz, procure, ageists, rooster, terrors,
5: Gautier, precise,  them,
6: script, ageist, profer, spoil, theme,
7: receipts, pilot,
8: prices, define, crisp,
9: sensical, demoter,
10: Leonids, spoiler, outrun,
11: zeal,
12: confer, tiger, linc,
13: douses, zub,
14: triage, clans, fiend,
15: Europa, alla,
16: Moiras,
17: lined, Aegis,
18: sends,
19: reargue,
20: proof, gases / sages, zees,
21: deport, hip,
22: giant, altar, Medea,
23: mortar.

despoliations, reformations, callisthenes, platinoid, analgesics, Sagitaereus, zullabaz, line-theme, helmeted, Azael, astrominor, delusions, procure, ageists, rooster, terrors, Azesel, Gautier, precise, actz, them, script, ageist, profer, spoil, theme, receipts, pilot, prices, define, crisp, sensical, demoter, Leonids, spoiler, outrun, zeal, confer, tiger, douses, triage, clans, fiend, Europa, Moiras, lined, Aegis, sends, reargue, proof, sages, zees, deport, giant, Medea, altar.

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