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Nostradamus C9 Q33: Decadence and cancer punished by new laws enforced by a militia.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

At the end of his 1555 Epistle Nostradamus made strong reference to his telling the nature of the matutions that affect the decadent and this verse reflects the same theme especially in its anagrams. The detail this verse provides imply that a Qoran based sect is the agency that attcks the decadence of the West and it does so in a militaristic and gory manner. The text can be slotted into the same tale with the First Monarch of the fourth line being the Fisrt clone in the line generated from DNA found in relics claimed to be Jesus mortal matter.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Her cruel clues reclusory drome delusory amendment meet Dante name arch encharm
Hercules Roy de Romme et d'Annemarc

resummoned League regulate agedg oriest unio[n]s
De Gaule trois Guion ſurnomme

reliable term literal Levent ended citadens semantic decadentism
Trembler l'Italeet l'vnde de ſainct Marc

empire worst tumorous tumours Roman Qoran/ Quran queer omen memo
Premier ſur tous monarque renomme
Hercules King of Rome and of Annemark,
With the surname of the chief of triple Gaul,
Italy and the one of St. Mark to tremble,
First monarch renowned above all.
Hercules Roy de Romme et d'Annemarc
De Gaule trois Guion ſurnomme
Trembler l'Italeet l'vnde de ſainct Marc
Premier ſur tous monarque renomme
L1: <her reclusory amendment rode><and meet more delusory name><marcher clues> dory manner menarche manned closure hercules neman date yod rosy dyer mem armanen charmer soldyer

L2: <memo regulated><goriest ruinous><league riots>resummoned let argue mourns mem gisor(scion)

L3: <trail tremble><decadentism crater><distance vend teallite(mineral)>dianes semantic ideas vallette(crusader line) literal antics deeds levent berill tracer ended

L4: <uuorst empire><prime moment queer> tumours tumorous sum roman qoran quran momentous mem manos
1: decadentism, reclusory, amendment,
2: resummoned, tumorous, tumours, ruinous, goriest,
3: semantic, teallite,
4: delusory, menarche, armanen, manner,
5: regulated, berill,
6: dyer,
7: regultae, regulate, encharm,
8: gisor,
9: hercules, mourns, levent, crater, tracer,
10: -
11: league, ended, needd,
12: regulat,
13: distance, citadens, premieres, literal, manned, neman,
14: closure, mourn,
15: uuorst,
16: charmer, marcher, sorely,
17: -
18: -
19: -
20: -
21: aides, ideas,
22: quoran, qoran,

decadentism, resummoned, reclusory, amendment, semantic, regulated, tumorous, tumours, delusory, teallite, ruinous, goriest, encharm, citadens, premieres, soldyer, manner, closure, mourns, worst, League, ransom, Qoran, ended.

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