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Nostradamus C9 Q41: 21stC patriarchs take older figures as their guides to warfare.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse contains anagrams for a series of military leaders with distinctive attributes that are chosen selectively as guides to 22nd century warfare. One of the pivotal anagrams is that for theandric which is a term applied to the union of the divine and mortal action assumed to be in Christ.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

endarchy (central government) Norse say Aisir guardi[a]n longer danger
Le grand Chyren ſoy ſaiſir d'Auignon

Rommel remelt enemies line impel derailment maiden dream deem true
De Romme letres en miel plein d'amertume

masterable parades depart credit each gain on Tamberlane (15thC warlord)
Letre ambaſſade partir de Chanignon

partners carpenter transpires Paris Duc iron rigour rogue acrumple
Carpentras pris par duc noir rouge plume
The great Chyren will seize Avignon,
From Rome letters in honey full of bitterness
Letter and embassy to leave from Chanignon,
Carpentras taken by black duke with red feather
Le grand Chyren ſoy ſaiſir d'Auignon
De Romme letres en miel plein d'amertume
Letre ambaſſade partir de Chanignon
Carpentras pris par duc noir rouge plume
L1: <giraud is no><longer decharny><norse say iris><unloading soya> rigaud sensory sessionary disir idris garden longer darius endarchy henry radius henrys

L2: <mens line made true><rommel resent>demurat(lineage) named derailment enemies damn undreamt remained pelle denial maiden impel muted dream semein daniel mem mature steer

L3: <each nonregimental><parade tried no eternal aching><sad as amber let on> chain credit direct amebas masterable readapts passed parades theandric mabassa patriarched disparate aspirated pairedstars china tamberlane chained assad atremble part

L4: <regroup ion pairs parts><car entraps plume><iron rogue parapsis> perspirant rapids transpires partners carpenter counted curd
1: nonregimental, patriarched, sessionary, Tamberlane, masterable, theandric, parapsis, Rommel,
2: unloading, transpires, readapts,
3: pairedstars, derailment, aspirated, disparate, carpenter, aching, demurat, darius, radius, disir, idris,
4: perspirant, armsbase, embarass, rachide, readapt, giraud, parades, rigaud, amebas,
5: endarchy, decharny, mabassa, tarried, henrys, henrys, plum,
6: undreamt, chained, enrych, partner, enemies, assad,
7: transpire, partners, regroup, sensory, rigour, rapids, arched, passed, muted, henry, abass,
8: parade, curd,
9: plume,
10: -
11: atremble, direct, credit, iris,
12: remained,
13: bass,
14: progue, longer, daniel, denial, dreamt, mature, soya, dirt,
15: -
16: cried, spade,
17: eternal, lined, beam,
18: yesno, pelle,
19: -
20: maiden, chain, china, amber,
21: -
22: -
23: impel, tried, tired, noys, nosy, sony,

nonregimental, patriarched, sessionary, Tamberlane, masterable, unloading, theandric, derailment, aspirated, parapsis, transpires, carpenter, readapts, Rommel, armsbase, endarchy,  partners, readapt, Giraud, parades, Henry's, sensory, rigour, enemies, credit, eternal, maiden.


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