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Nostradamus C9 Q42: Adverse subpolar mining deals affect the development of the human species.
Copyright - A. Webber 2015,  Feb 2023

List of verses in Superape seriesThis verse relates to the wars that commence late in the 21st century and its anagrams repeat the details found in other verses. There is a genetic motivation behind the war and it is the rejection by the Arab nations of cloning events taking place in Europe.

This verse is paired with C3 Q81 in the superape series because of its shared themes and it being the only other verse with an anagram for elopements.

Nostradamus Verse C9 Q42 Superape series Elopements 17 70 olden_gene creation ancetor InvestedOne of the unifying themes is conveyed by anagrams for vital creations (t la vi / iſe Contra) which are overlain by anagrams for vital ancestor (t la vi_  ſe Contra), Arab contrives (viſe_Contr_ / a Bar) and vital carbonates (t la vi_ / ſe Contra Ba).

One of the essential factors in interpreting verses that are beyond our time is that we cannot turn to evidence of patterns in that era to strengthen its base for it doesn't yet exist. This means the foundations have to rely even more on the internal strengthening offered by cohesion within the verse and similar verses together with the words in Nostradamus' text and prefaces.

Yet we can use words of our time likely to endure to provide a form of evidence for the future. The type of words that we see above tell us a tale that defines so many things that allow place and time to be set. There is even enough to trace the story line but by our inability to access wording invented in that time  our understanding is inevitably limited. 

And yet what I present is is a meaningful method to assess Nostradamus' works  since it is known that many terms in this series are not from the sixteenth century. The evidence is that words appropriate to each epoch are present and untelligible by those before that time.  No one could have implanted them as an act of deception and their existence requires they come from influences present in the future.

The pupose of their inclusion although unknown doesn't have to be feared. They stand like the message on the two Voyager plaques as a declaration of intelligence behind their being there.

Yet when and if a single plaque aka the Golden Disc is ever found in the depths of space we cannot have absolute faith that it will be recognised for what it is. There will always be the possibilty that the pock marked pitted space debris pitted disc will be dismissed as chance markings made by erosive forces.

From Barcelona, from Genoa and Venice,
From Sicily pestilence Monaco joined
They will take their aim against the Barbarian fleet
Barbarian driven 'way back as far as Tunis.
De Barſellone de Gennes et Venise
De la Secille peſte Monet vnis
Contra Barbare claſſe prendront la viſe
Barbar poulſe bien loing juſqu'a Thunis
L1: <beside seventeen olden gene><relabels one edge side event seen><even-tides bears seen><seventies sell bared / bread gene node><seen invest olden gene> events

L2: <~steep scale invested ill omen~><elopements deals invest><invents deals><meets note validness><scale invested ellipse omen> ideals pellets

L3: <arab bar careless section><not vocalise><tonal voices><carbonates scales vital barer><ancestor vital bar><arab contrives sparse tonal end><novices sparse tonal end> creations / reactions lapses brace

L4: <uuhat subpolar brains><nebulise sqauu jingo hunt>><in parlous barbs><bar is subpolar oil hunt uuaqenjngs> squat belies haunt anubis arab
1: locatives, invocates, validness, vocalise, eventides, seventeen, vesical, rabbis, voices,
2: vacationers, elopements, contrives, carbonate, subpolar, nebulise, novices, Menoetes,
3: carbonates, disenslave, jingo, beside, vital, uuhat, hunt,
4: seventies, invested (2x), relabels, parlous, pellice, Barbara, vials, squat,
5: careless, debase, barbs,
6: belies, haunt, vices,
7: creations / reactions, invents, Metopes, Barton, debaser, brains, jug,
8: invent, steeple,
9: ellipse, 
10: -
11: Serpens, events,
12: -
13: notices / section, Perseans,
14: online, visa,
15: rebase,
16: -
17: invest (2x),
18: spender, Pelle,
19: bread / bared,
20: ancestor, ideals, blues, hut,
21: -
22: basin.
23: -

 locatives, invocates, validness, vocalise, eventides, seventeen, vesical, rabbis, voices, vacationers, elopements, contrives, carbonate, subpolar, nebulise, novices, Menoetes, carbonates, disenslave, jingo, beside, vital, uuhat, hunt, seventies, invested, relabels, parlous, pellice, Barbara, vials, squat, careless, debase, barbs, belies, haunt, vices, creations, invents, Metopes, Barton, debaser, brains, jug,  invent, steeple, ellipse, Serpens, events, notices, Perseans, online, visa, rebase, spender, Pelle, bared, ancestor, ideals, blues, hut, basin.


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