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Nostradamus C9 Q46: Ill-used women replace blood pressure drugs with carcinogen inducing ones.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 46  The anagrams of this verse are heavily weighted towards drugs and chemicals which suggest a medical format is needed to understand its text. Doing so would have the first line as the target and the second provides its motive. The third line of text identifies the primary infection vector and the last gives the human causes.

The anagrams of highest use in resolving this verse include:

1. The rogues wide roles hot dyes fused loose seed
2. Unsacrificed custodian afire expiate antisudorific ion
3. Feud fleech damsels malused souls slumber scourges breeds seed
4. Nitroamine reincarnation-omen Cameronian nation angel tormentors
Be gone, the redness vanishes from Toulouse,
For the sacrifice to make expiation
Chief cause of the evil under shade of gourds
Dead to strangle carnal prognostication.
Vuydez fuyez de Tholoſe les rouges
Du ſacrifice faire expiation
Le chef du mal deſſous l'vmbre des courges
Mort eſtrangler carne omination.
L1: <uvy fuzed y-zed><else the solo rogues> loose roselles hot lesser het vogues

L2: <if a sound expire-i face it><unsacrificed expiate><a antisudorific(anti-sweating> fair agent) afire icarus custodian expirate sudation cursa cifra

L3: <breed leads souls mv scourges><codes urge fchedules><rogues creeds> source malused damsel damosels feud souls scourged lamed screed leeches breeds sourced mlv

L4: <clear renomination,strange><remonstration nominate><monitor in omen>< motion><torments tormentors angel>monnaie(fr currency) necromania nitroamine anoint cameronian antiromance mononitrate moon amino monster moration montrose rosemont moron anemoi montse
1: antisudorific, remonstration, unsacrificed, renomination, mononitrate, antiromance, nitroamine, cameronian, necromania,  scourged, damosels,
2: tormentors, custodian, strangler, scourges, expirate,
3: sudation, nominate, torments, scourge,
4: roselles, expiate, fumed,
5: morance, romance, restart, uvy,
6: moration, fleeches, leeches, loose,
7: fchedule, malused, fleches, damsel, medals,
8: montrose, rosemont, monitor, pitai,
9: -
10: recodes, sound, breeds,
11: motion, scoured, sourced, anemoi, emonia,
12: moron, souls,
13: douses, breed,
14: creeds, screed, pix,
15: anoint, nation, cursa,
16: oslo, solo, fuy,
17: -
18: alum,
19: moon, reaon,
20: strangle, chesel,
21: face,
22: -
23: sudan, relose,

antisudorific, mononitrate, nitroamine, remonstration, unsacrificed, renomination, Cameronian, tormentors, custodian, scourged, damsels, antimony, sudation, strangler, expirate, torments, Icarus, Montrose, Roselles, monitor, romance, nation, breeds.

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