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Nostradamus C9 Q48: America produces evidence of Iran's nuclear program and goes to war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 48  Insurrectional nuclearist inserted American time code for uranolite eventsThis verse's theme is linked closely to that of the preceding one (see C9 Q47). Both have anagrams that involve nuclear terminology and both sit within the theme set out in my paper on American Disaster in Iran. The verse has a set of adjacent anagrams that indicates the timing of this disaster is held within the hidden content since they say ' American time code'.


The text reinforces this idea in its third line telling us of the solar event and the season when the tragedy takes place. But in that same line there are anagrams identifying 'late April' as the specific time when a frightful wind will strike. Other anagrams tell us that the initial events involve insurrection at a place where nuclear materials are blended. This unrest allows America to brand Iran as a criminal state and to invade in order to eliminate the sources of production.

The anagrams most useful in solving this verse include:

1. American_time_cited_enlarged_code
2. insurrectional nuclearist articles amed uranolites stream reunion unrealistic
3. Lands lose primal ethics maidens tale primed April metal alchemye
4. Poets Easter attempt alters temperate events
The great city of the maritime Ocean,
Surrounded by a crystalline swamp:
In the winter solstice and the spring,
It will be tried by frightful wind.
La grand cite d'occean maritime
Enuironee de maretz en criſtal
Dans le ſolſtice hyemal et la prime
Sera temptee de vent eſpouuental.
  1. <american time code><Lagrand (2001 case USA constitution lost for Genevan rights). Cited do accriminate><~immateriaL carding co-enacted~><Lagrand name airtime edict> armenia cardigan redacting
  2. <NuclEarist iron enterz><inSurrEctional need><enterz unrEaliStic><need uranolitES [meteorites]><centralizES reunion><articlES reunion> <remade iron inSulatE centrez
  3. <Danes loSe primal metal><late april nameD loSes ethics><alchemiSt-eye><alchemye pallet liSt> maiDens
  4. <uue even tranSlate poetS><temperate taleS><attempered [blending process] event> alternates
1:  unrealistic, nuclearist, alchemye, centralizes, accriminate,
2: coenacted, insurrectional, immaterial, lettermaps, holisect, coelestis, temperate,
3: primal,
4: American, insulate, pallet,
5: interlaces, articles, raimant, lesson, enterz, uuent,
6: alternates, uranolite, ethics, vented,
7: uranolites, Saturniel,
8: airtime, Armenia, ethic, rezet,
9: alterants, translate, reunion, Priam,
10: trails, loss,
11: Pimander, carding, events,
12: Marian, poets, neuu,
13: racist, tamper, toils, tempt, aimed, Midea,
14: admire,
15: entrails / latrines, 
16: maidens, realist / saltire, primed, redone,
17: redacting, lost,
18: leanest,
19: -
20: maiden, amends,
21: plate / petal, list, rezt,
22: Medea.
23: -

accriminate, unrealistic, centralizes, nuclearist, alchemye, centrez, insurrectional, immaterial, lettermaps, coenacted, holisect, coelestis, temperate, StClair, talemaster, primal, Tereza, Amedee, American, insulate, pallet, centralise, interlaces, Cardigan, articles, raimant, lesson, enterz, uuent, alternates, uranolite, ethics, vented, Saturniel, airtime, Armenia, ethic, rezet, alterants, reunion, Priam, trials, loss, Pimander, carding, events,  Marian, poets, new, racist, tamper, toils, tempt, aimed, Midea, admire, entrails, maidens, realist, primed, redone, redacting, lost, leanest, amends, plate, list, rezt, Medea.


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