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Nostradamus C9 Q49: Drugs to treat a wifes illness used for murder of a British king.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagram for uxorial found in this verse refers to a wife and acts as a pivotal focal point for what is otherwise about a chemical used to treat ailments that gets used for murdering a king.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

dangers tubercle uncelebrated creams grandest throne not encounter
Gand et Bruceles marcheront contre Enuers

'Yes no' date olden meters torment not a mortal ruler sorry
Senat de Londres mettront a mort leur roy

evilest Levites intravenously ensure rules surely not relevant
Le sel et vin luy ſeront a l'enuers

powers Savior uxorial gene engender needs rosary
Pour eux auoir le regne en deſarroy

Ghent and Brussels will march against Antwerp,
The Senate of London will put to death their King
Salt and wine will overthrow him,
To have them the realm turned upside down.
Gand et Bruceles marcheront contre Enuers
Senat de Londres mettront a mort leur roy
Le sel et vin luy ſeront a l'enuers
Pour eux auoir le regne en deſarroy
L1: <throne encounter tubercle creams dangers><uncelebrated charms><march clue><not ensure><no archer>croton chore debt heron marchers grandest brute curb throne rebut realms bucer(bucer) bet centroarch argues charmer

L2: <mortar torments><sorry mortal><olden meters><astronomy date ruler> nostredem tendays delta ayens rotten remotest rosy eastend dalet

L3: <ensure else let><norse tale runes><surely not in alen rules> intravenously evilest stonelayer veinlets levites treason releuant lesser tonal sellers

L4: <pouuer need energy><uuax or oil><or rays engineered> engender uxorial pouuerx auxo rosary serenader endears
1: intravenously, uncelebrated, stonelayer, uxorial,
2: tubercle,
3: reencounter, torments, tendays, curb,
4: remotest, serenade, brucel, rosary, sorry,
5: pouuerx, runeless, evilest / Levites, charms,
6: Nostredem, charmers / marchers, serenader, veinlet, sellers,
7: engender,
8: centroarch, encounter, veinlets, surely,
9: marches,
10: -
11: -
12: creams / scream,
13: eastend, throne, heron, brute / rebut, roars,
14: releuant,
15: torment,
16: charmer / marcher,
17: argues, uuax,
18: yesno,
19: Yules,
20: debt,
21: ruler,
22: croton, mortal, atom.
23: -

intravenously, uncelebrated, stonelayer, uxorial, tubercle, reencounter, torments, tendays, curb, remotest, serenade, rosary, sorry, pouuerx, runeless, Levites, charms, Nostredem, marchers, serenader, veinlet, sellers, engender, centroarch, encounter, veinlets, surely, marches, scream, eastend, throne, heron, brute, roars, relevant, torment, argues, wax, yesno, Yules, debt, ruler, Croton, mortal, atom.

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