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Nostradamus C9 Q51: The sect behind Martin Luther King's assassination reacts against the newly evolved.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 51  Sects conspire against the red ones in a mountaintop realm where brain injury harms the royal lineage.The mention of ' red ones' and ' sects' in the text of this verse ties in with several major themes that relate to religious military events beyond this century.

The anagrams provide support for the text especially the ajacent anagrams for mountaintop courier found in the third line. This wording directs attention to the speech of Martin Luther King on the night before he died as does the text in the same line which says 'On the point of dying those who will plot.'


The second line carries anagrams for Utopian chairmen which reflects the tone of the famous speech which begins with 'I have a dream'. But this verse is not confined to a single event for it is the story of the sect behind this assassination which goes on to invoke similar menace in our future.

The anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

1. Rogues sect sees electron roles bases broaden nondebaters badness
2. Fireman awe force paper record apraxis examiners fear
3. Mountaintop courier excur Utopian tumor machinique not enrich chairmen
4. Undermost demons yearn for queendom tremendous funerary  foruvaqens
Against the red ones sects will conspire,
Fire water steel rope weaken through peace
On the point of dying those who will plot,
Except one who above all the world will ruin.
Contre les rouges ſectes ſe banderont
Feu eau fer corde par paix ſe minera
Au point mourir ceux qui machineront
Fors vn que monde ſur tout ruynera.
  1. <rogue eleCtrons Sees Sects broaden><baSes gueSs sect role> <nondebaters sect Sees eleCtrons>
  2. <appear record mixeS><paper record axiS><fear auue force><a pair examinerS precoder>
  3. <mountAintop courier enrich><utopiAn chairmen><utopiAn enharmonic qui (key?) excur>
  4. <tremendouS Funerary out><uuorst demon><yearn For svn queendom> Favors unSorted undermoSt
1: mountaintop, examiners, queendom, chairmen, apraxis, favors,  funerary,
2: nondebaters, enharmonic, precoder, Eudemon, fireman,
3: tremendous, undermost,
4: Utopian, Utopia, mixes,
5: machine, badness, Henri,
6: Cheiron, record,
7: enrich, Henric, heroin, besets,
8: unsorted, broaden, demoens, courier, guess, sects, yearn,
9: Erasmien,
10: axis,
11: motion, undoes, bases,
12: -
13: -
14: detours, sounder, tumor,
15: uuorst,
16: mount, niche,
17: demons, Curie, beans,
18: excur, miner, recor, crier,
19: ermine, 
20: chain / China,
21: -
22: Croton,
23: electrons, relose.

mountaintop, examiners, queendom, chairmen, funerary, apraxis, favors, nondebaters, enharmonic, precoder, Eudemon, Uendome, fireman,  tremendous, undermost, Utopian, Utopia, Curiex, Micah, mixes, machine, badness, Henri, Cheiron, record, enrich, Henric, heroin, Hoenir, besets, unsorted, broaden, demoens, courier, Parix, guess, sects, yearn, Erasmien, axis,  motion, undoes, bases, detours, sounder, tumor, worst, mount, niche,  demons, Curie, beans, excur, miner, recor, crier, ermine, chain, Croton, electrons, relose.

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