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Nostradamus C9 Q53: Religious ideas based on virgin birth lead to heroic wars.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse describes the death of three generations of the Jesus line that are put to death by burning because they are clones and therfore born without male intercourse.

Anagrams resolving the meaning of this verse include:

 june Danes lands isothermic thermionics Christos enemies unrelatedness
Le Neron jeune dans les trois cheminees

refer feared ape gives if uproars
Fera de paiges vifz pour ardoir getter

where use skew religions related regionalised elements men see
Heureux qui loing ſera de telz menees

Guette ter[r]orised Sons angels free tormentor
Trois de ſon ſang le feront mort guetter
The young Nero in the three chimneys
Will cause live pages to be thrown to burn
Happy those who will be far away from such practices
Three of his blood will have him ambushed to death
Le Neron jeune dans les trois cheminees
Fera de paiges vifz pour ardoir getter
Heureux qui loing ſera de telz menees
Trois de ſon ſang le feront mort guetter
L1: <cristos enemies><rene d'anjou><june end><and less thermionics><isothermic seen><lands stories> hectorism theorics unrelatedness enemies heroics closters chime semein iosech selene choirs christos

L2: <page-five-is read><if visage><gives feared><refer radio> fetter ardour uproar tiger aegis parade fiveis

L3: <religions elated><dangers uuhere quix oil><reads elementz> redesignate readings redsea organised losing trade date regions dearest altered legions

L4: <terrorised sons><so englands rotter><feel morgue torn> not more tormentor fomenter gourmet gutter isodose formentor rioters
1: Christos, thermionics, unrelatedness, isothermic, pagefiveis, hectorism, religions, elementz, gourmet, isodose, gutter,
2: regionalised, seignorial, redesignate, visage, gives,
3: distorter, theorics, choirs,
4: tormentor, inscheme, iosech, radio,
5: formentor, ardour, fetter,
6: enemies,
7: grandiose, organised, agennoss, fomenter, heroics,
8: organise, fermont, forment, ignores, regions, parade,
9: relosing,
10: rotter,
11: uuhere, quix, poz,
12: arested, dearest, tiger,
13: altered, related, chime,
14: -
15: storied, selene,
16: -
17: rioters, reigns, resign, singer, aegis,
18: elated, slang, giro,
19: grades,
20: rioter,
21: sides, june,
22: -
23: -

Christos enemies, regionalised, isothermic, thermionics, unrelatedness, Hectorism, redesignate, religions, elementz, distorter, organised, tormentor, theorics, agennoss, visage, inscheme, heroics,  altered, dearest, parade, where, rioters, sides, legions, elated, angels.


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