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Nostradamus C9 Q56: Crusade to destroy Jesus gene led by Arab invader.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

An invading army sees the genetic line of Jesus as dangerous and uses testing of the nucleoli to trace the inheritors of the gene in Southern France. They are specifically searching for the two clones created using DNA from Jesus relics.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

cell map avulsions pre-sounded map saving-soul
Camp pres de Noudam paſſera Gouſſan ville

team atomise Israels assessorial engines  isolates reason gene-site emanate
Et a Maiotes laiſſera ſon enſeigne

once Etrurian Saint plant nucleoli routine insaner trainer impulsed ill
Conuertira en instant plus de mille

hence chanter used Rex Deus eldest meter enter recent entelechia gene heritance
Cherchant les deux remettre en chaine et legne

# entelechia: the supposed vital principle guiding development and functioning of an organism
The army near Noudam will pass Goussainville,
And at Maiotes it will leave its mark
In an instant more than a thousand will be converted
Looking for the two to put them back in chain and line
Camp pres de Noudam paſſera Gouſſan ville
Et a Maiotes laiſſera ſon enſeigne
Conuertira en instant plus de mille
Cherchant les deux remettre en chaine et legne
L1: <seas map sounded argo><camp or village><purpose map end><damp as> presounded avulsions pampers spasm unreposed cell endorse soulsaving camel repass palladium gossan anvils susa maps rugosa

L2: <reason isolate engines> atomise assessorial oneness salaries aim israels isolates none rises metalions seeing reasons emanate ensign oannes site gene

L3: <ounce misled><retain instant plus><mill used> etrurian impulsed nucleoli routine upslant cell nucleole once terrain etruria introduce platinum nine insane counter clone eretria

L4: <rex deus heritance met><enchain murex gentle cheer deletes><catherine meter><centre exudes> dreux creche entelechia uxed tranche chant challenger-trench china elnath enarch rexdeus neglect teeter ethnarch reduxe eldest hence
1: soulsaving,  assessorial, presounded, avulsions, entelechia, isolates,
2: impulsed, Catherine / heritance, nucleoli, sounded,
3: nucleole, upslant, tannins, anvils, rugosa, creche,
4: enchain, neglect, routine, damp,
5: unreposed, ethnarch, misled, emanate,Elnath, anvil, spasm,
6: antaresin, Etrurian, Rex Deus, murex,
7: instant, atomise, maoiste,
8: pampers, isolate, oneness,
9: Etruria, Caliel,
10: -
11: salaries, undoes,
12: engines,
13: gentle,
14: plant, inane,
15: -
16: chanter, tranche, endorse, inaner,
17: Israels, mill, camp,
18: spender, insane, ounce,
19: ensign, eldest, teeter,
20: reasons, chain / China, exuder / reduxe,
21: Oannes, center / recent, vans,
22: camel, Dreux, Argo,
23: hence.

Key Ideas:

soul saving, assessorial, nucleoli, presounded, entelechia, avulsions, impulsed, heritance, isolates, nucleole, unreposed, ethnarch, enchain, neglect, routine, damp, Etrurian, anvils, instant, spasm, gene site, atomise, endorse, Israels, Rex Deus, reasons, reduce, plant, engines, salaries, gentle, plant, inane, tranche, mill, camp, insane, spender, eldest, teeter, reasons, Oannes, recent, came, hence, Argo.

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