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Nostradamus C09 Q57: Events from the future involving methanated seas and extreme temperatures.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C9 Q57 My Poems Theme Halcyon SefirotThis verse relates to the emergence of a new species of ape over the next few centuries. It is at a time when the seas contain high levels of methane and the temperatures are constantly in the range of forty to fifty centigrade.

Anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

1. Aural prose Rex Dieu alive sworn pyre arose
2. Royal archer halcyon change agent a methanated DNA theme etch
3. Client relist rites for Sefirot not near DNA ape fertilises
4. Troy true era so my poem seem enter few memes
Portee neufue Roy tuera ſoymeſme
In the place of Drux a King will rest,
And will look for a law changing Anathema:
While the sky will thunder so very loudly,
New entry the King will kill himself.
Au lieu de DRVX vn Roy repoſera
Et cherchera loy changeant d'Anatheme
Pendant le ciel ſi tres fort tonnera
Portee neufue Roy tuera ſoymeſme

L1: <pyre aroSe> <Area uuielDed>

L2: <archer etch methAnatEd change> <And agent re-etch a cholera theme > <And heat agent mEet> <And a theme Etch royal cheer> methane

L3: <i Slice non-Patterned forest> <Sterile client and aPe> <cleanlieSt of rest>< Sister / reSist fertiliSes

L4:<So my era Seem> <feuu enter Poems> <troY arouSe> <youR-future-Sea>

1: your-future-sea, non-patterned, methanated, cochleary, storefront, methane, Athena,
2: pneometer, sterilise, uuielded, elicits,
3: fertilises, Halcyon, estuary, anthem,
4: cleanliest, feuuer,
5: lenticels, relists, them,
6: Mayoress, Sefirots, osprey, Moyse, theme,
7: Merops, strife,
8: pampers, isolate, oneness,
9: pendant,
10: cholera, uuield,
11: poems,
12: forties / Sefirot,
13: tireless, coy, heat,
14: soya,
15: foes,
16: client,
17: -
18: aural / Laura,
19: lancet,
20: reasons, chain / China, exuder, rex-deu, reduxe,
21: list,
22: Rachel, forest / softer,
23: poem.

your-future-sea, non-patterned, methanated, cochleary, storefront, methane, Athena, pneometer, sterilise, uuielded, elicits, fertilises, Halcyon, estuary, anthem, cleanliest, feuuer, lenticels, relists, them, Mayoress, Sefirots, osprey, Moyse, theme, Merops, strife, pampers, isolate, oneness, cholera, wield, poems, Sefirot, tireless, coy, heat, soya, foes, client, aural, lancet, reasons, China, reduce, list, Rachel, softer, poem.


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