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Nostradamus C9 Q58: The fate of industrial workers who elect not to fight.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 58  The red ones behind the emergence of human clones from ancient seed are all killed and the black ones remain alive. The clones are raised in a period of devastating famine.In this verse a battle is related to upheavals in a Southern France industrial complex. Some workers attempt to pay others to take their place but it costs some of them their lives.

A similar industrial theme is also apparent in C5 Q82.

Anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

1. Lionhearted tried each stage dechlorinated variety relaunched
2. Rigorous tongue test rogues stories feeds ancestor seed resonance
3. Sudatory rogue dry out so no region mourn
4. Erasmien sermon replaces restorable assurance
On the left side at the spot of Vitry,
The three red ones of France will be awaited:
All felled red, black one not murdered,
By the Bretons restored to safety.
Au coste gauche a l'endroit de Vitry
Seront guettez les trois rouges de France
Tous aſſoumez rouge noir non murdry
Par les Bretons remis en aſſeurance.

L1: <auch (mid Pyrennese) learned><~dechlorinated Variety uuagecost~> <lion-hearted scutage (payment made not to fight) diVert ><relaunched outages><it diVert d'orlean>

L2: <tongue settlez rogue riots><deFers rigorous resonance>

L3: <our region non dry rum to uSa><mourn sudatory (sweating agent) iron> orion roguez zero

L4: <mines Parlance aSSure><miners uneaSeS Prance restoraBle><note Barrels remiss><mines aSSurance reBels reaP><reBels reaP monster eaSineSs>

1: lionhearted, resonance, restorable, rigorous, variety,
2: dechlorinated, sudatory, easiness, divert, Helena,
3: relaunched, assurance, parlance, trebles,
4: Chaldeen, outages, zettle, uneases,
5: octaues, barrels, Orion,
6: defers, drum, zero,
7: Messier, muze,
8: miners,
9: Erasmien,
10: tongue, remiss,
11: replaces, mouse, tezt,
12: replace, rebels, stage, dry,
13: Urdr,
14: mourn,
15: foes,
16: sermon, scout,
17: feeds, gets,
18: aural / Laura,
19: lancet,
20: -,
21: d'Orlean /Leonard, parcel,
22: edges,
23: ignore / Origen / region,

lionhearted, wagecost, restorable, rigorous, resonance, variety, scutage, verity, dechlorinated, sudatory, easiness, divert, Helena, relaunched, assurance, parlance, trebles, Chaldeen, outages, zettle, uneases, octaues, barrels, Orion, defers, drum, zero, Messier, muze, miners, Erasmien, tongue, remiss, replaces, mouse, tezt, replace, rebels, stage, dry, Urdr, mourn, foes, sermon, scout, feeds, gets, aural,  lancet, d'Orlean, parcel, edges, ignore.


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