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Nostradamus C9 Q59: Descriptions of N's patrons who influence the content of the Prophecies.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus leaves clues to his patrons during the early part of the sixteenth centuryone of which is an anagram for patrons. Prominent among them is that for Burgo since El Burgo is the home town for Jean de Bernuy who settled in Toulouse after expulsion from Spain. The reasons for my belief that this person may have been Nostradamus' financial backer is set out in my paper titled Nostradamus' sect. However the verse covers a wider scope than this narrow period and location. The verse is one of only two to hold anagrams of quatrains and this link makes it a part of the series Nostradamus used to tell the nature of his involvement in the creation of his Prophecies.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Rafael preferent after pretender a valid vial made
A la Ferte prendra la Vidame

vital antiviolence owner grown awoke proud Utopia

Nicol tenu rouge qu'auoit produit la vie

old 'yes no' quatrains free a large-almanac
La grand Loyſe naiſtra que fera clame

unanointed Burgo Gennao began berate patrons innuendo
Donnant Bourgongne a Bretons par enuie
At La Ferte-Vidame he will seize,
Nicholas held red who had produced his life:
The great Loyse who will act secretly one will be born
Giving Burgundy to the Bretons through envy.
A la Ferte prendra la Vidame
Nicol tenu rouge qu'auoit produit la vie
La grand Loyſe naiſtra que fera clame
Donnant Bourgongne a Bretons par enuie.
  1. <pretend a Valid mAle Fear><pretender Aflame><a medAl preFerent><pretend rAFael / Aflare aimed laVa>
  2.  <aNtiviolence grouu uueaq><vital electioN i grouun proud><or uNdilative utopia>ouuner iNvoice
  3. <~yeS quatrainS free oLd large-almanac~><~yeS anagrams-recaLl quatrainS old fee~> SynodaL
  4. <unanointed Burgo [Andalusia] patrons [Bernuy?] gone Bearn><innuenDo Baronet spare / rapes> nonBurgage (Eg freeholder)
1: antiviolence, large-almanac, undilative,  innuendo, pretender, preferent, invoice, grouun, valid,
2: unanointed, quatrains, tuuo-pair, ventail, grouu,
3: quarts, auuoqe, vital,
4: Utopia, uuorn, gong,
5: tripod, Laferte / reflate, clot,
6: synodal, aflame, Alterf / falter, began, amid,
7: election, baronet, avail, lava,
8: Gennao,
9: Terpander,
10: pretend, venial,
11: calm,
12: Roland, Clio,
13: patrons, aimed / Midea, alfa,
14: Malac,
15: oncelt, Burgo, farce,
16: drop,
17: -
18: ouuner, yesno,
19: aflare / Rafael, Buto / bout,
21: -
22: camel, alive / avile,
23: panderer.

Key Ideas:

antiviolence, large-almanac, undilative,  innuendo, pretender, preferent, invoice, grown, valid, unanointed, quatrains, two-pair, ventail, quarts, awoqe, vital, Utopia, worn, gong, tripod, Laferte, clot, synodal, aflame, Alterf, began, amid, election, baronet, avail, lava, Gennao, Terpander, pretend, venial, calm, Roland, Clio, patrons, aimed, alfa, Malac, Burgo, farce, drop, owner, yesno, aflare, bout, camel, avile, panderer.

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