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Nostradamus C9 Q61: Dangerous goods smuggled by Maltese terrorists cause a plane to crash.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 61  In a new city along a marine coast plunderers from the eastern Mediterranen terorrize people in the Alpilles of France by their use of atomisers and residues from cremation sediments.This verse is the only one that holds an anagram for terrorizes (roit ſerrez) while it and one other are the only verses that include anagrams for terrorists (Eſtroit ſerr). The story contained in the anagrams enriches the rather vague messages in the text to give a picture of an airplane that crashes while flying over southern France. The story complements that found in C1 Q96.

The anagrams from which the keys will come include:

1. Masoretic eternalism  locates Alpille fiat coastal cremations mineral atomiser
2. Mezcaline action caution parents repeat name
3. UUiser Jews despisement measured sediments metal disseminate defeatism 
4. Terrorists terrorizes Montreals seer urge gunmetal enzoned
The plunder made upon the marine coast,
In Cita nova and relatives brought forward:
Several of Malta through the deed of Messina
Will be closely confined poorly rewarded.
La pille faite a la coſte marine
La cita noua et parenz amenez
Pluſieurs de Malte par le fait de Meſſine
Eſtroit ſerrez ſeront mal guerdonnez.
  1. <airpLane ill cometS><locateS mineraL><Linear cometS><Scleromata Line> coaStal StreamLine/ eternaLiSm / SteamLiner atomiSer raiment maSoretic [old bible text]
  2. <parent zeaL namez caution / auction><mezcaLine az parent>
  3. <defeatiSM repeal Metal Spine><Measured plate><tiMed plate aflare / rafael><SediMentS PluS Metal paler reSidues><uuise / ieuus dreaMs><diSSeMinate flare PulSe>uuiSer daMsel><tide neMeSiS><deSPiSeMent Made plate refail>
  4. <tErroriStS zeroeS gunmetal><montrealS zESt urged terrorizeS none> <rezoneS tErroriStS>
1: despisement, mezcaline, terrorizes, Masoretic, gunmetal,
2: scleromata, terrorists, defeatism, terrorist, enzone,
3: disseminate, sediments, auction / caution, coastal, measured, namez,
4: repulsiue, Alpille, storez, serrez,
5: cremations, terrorise, airplane, resumed,
6: eternalism / steamliner / streamline, locates, demises, comets,
7: Montreals, atomiser, reissued, residues, Raelian, damsel, medals, senze,
8: resetz, timed, maze, fell,
9: -
10: raiments, errz,
11: mineral, action, rezones, retires / retries,  zeal, Neza,
12: unpile, coast, zeroes,
13: Montreal,
14: Artemis, zest,
15: nemesis, zeros,
16: nearmost, Menastor, usuries, deriues / residue, refail,
17: raiment, rioters, Ieuus, uuise,
18: plainer, mates / teams, liner, seerz,
19: uuiles, aflare / Rafael,
20: dreams,
21: plate / petal,
22: master / stream, uuiser.
23: -

despisement, mezcaline, terrorizes, Masoretic, gunmetal, scleromata, terrorists, defeatism, terrorist, enzone, disseminate, sediments, caution, coastal, measured, namez, repulsiue, Alpille, storez, serrez, cremations, terrorise, airplane, resumed, eternalism, streamline, locates, demises, comets, Montreals, atomiser, reissued, residues, Raelian, damsel, medals, senze, resets, timed, maze, fell, raiments, mineral, action, rezones, retries,  zeal, Neza,  unpile, coast, zeroes, Artemis, zest, nemesis, zeros, nearmost, Menastor, usuries,  residue, refail, raiment, rioters, Iews, wise, plainer, teams, liner, seers, wiles, aflare, dreams, master.

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