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Nostradamus C9 Q62: Quantum forces release bacterial harm
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

The Codon verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesVerse C9 Q62's third line of text makes medication a focal point of Nostradamus' message. Opium amd Mandrake were the principal medications for managing severe, chronic pain before the twentieth century.

DNA to protein basics However the words  codon (on d'Oc) and counts (nc tous) are found as anagrams in this verse together with a very high count of three letter groupings that define codons (AUG AAU ATT TTA TAC AUG). These three letter groups are referred to as DNA triplets in gentic literature. The codons mark the relevance of this verse as a commentary on genetic events at the end of the current century.

Nostradamus C9 Q62 AUG Codon Charlston rebel copartners codebtor resistThe concentration on codon structures affecting genomic change at the end of this century is the aspect shared with verse C5 Q100.

In the fourth line the significance of these DNA triplets is seen by the presence of the lettering 'aug' immediately before that which produces the term codon. In geneteic literature this combination would have a specific meaning. It would signal the start of a sequence defining a specific gene.

 This becomes meaningful when the first line becomes a metaphor for the atom and the crusaders attached by rank represent the component forces. The third line relates to the durable parts of the interaction while the Raugon is the transient part.

To the great one of Cheramon-agora,
The crusaders will all be attached by rank,
The long-lasting Opium and Mandrake,
The Raugon will be released on the third of October
Au grand de Cheramon agora
Seront croisez par ranc tous attachez
Le pertinax Oppi et Mandragora
Raugon d'Octobre le tiers ſeront laſchez
L1: <romana agora(market place) ungraded che>demarche drenched hera aamon undercharged menorah(jewish symbol) reach among argo omana aragon haomer maher hear cheer

L2: <counts attach zeroes><norse z> retrocession each size outcast cistron cheat rezones

L3: <approximate-planeteri dragon><expirant pope time a real dragon><leper antipox> older-anagram planetaire pertain agora axion axon marginated proletaire damn garamond argo peter algore repel grandma etamin meant d'aragon armand gorad pipe repeal

L4: <tireless charleston raze october aground> last codebtor sterile zuar clash treble rises alches cash azure tonal series rebel codon
1: retrocession, marginated, proletaire, codebtor, charlsez,
2: olderanagram, expirant, antipox, outcast, october, daragon, axon,
3: prerelation, charleston, attach, aragon, axion, gorad, agora, agora,
4: planeteri, attaches, cistron, archez, haomer,
5: consorter, garamond, counts, romana, sparez, clash, aamon, omana, pipe,
6: reached, among, maher, zuar,
7: aground, angou,
8: treble, azure,
9: size,
10: algore,
11: rezones, series, naxi,
12: dragon, parole, zeroes,
13: tireless, count,
14: -
15: zeros,
16: alches, scout,
17: grandma, pertain,
18: seerz, pox,
19: raze,
20: zees,
21: -
22: croton, armand, cheat, teach, rebel, argo, argo,
23: apez,

retrocession, marginated, codebtor, Charlsez, olderanagram, expirant, antipox, outcast, October, d'Aragon, axon, prerelation, Charleston, attach, Aragon, axion, planeteri, attaches, cistron, archez, consorter, Garamond, counts, Romana, sparez, clash, Aamon, Omana, pipe, reached, among, aground, Angou, treble, azure, size, Al Gore, rezones, series, dragon, parole, zeroes, tireless, count, scout, grandma, pertain, seerz, pox, raze, Croton, aArmand, cheat / teach, rebel, Argo, apes.

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