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Nostradamus C9 Q64: An invader launches a campaign against Europes modern ways.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse directly states the story found in the anagrams of many verses in which a leader born in Macedonia comes as an invader into the flooded landscape of Southern France and fights the local warlords. In the anagrams Theomania (Aemathion) meaning the Spirit of God resonates with the Jesus-Clone stories while ' Europe senatorship' and 'misanthrope's suggests that despite being a foreigner he gains political support by those who oppose man's modern ways.

Anagrams giving meaning tof this verse include:

male misanthropes Aristophanes senatorship monsters pyres theomania passion sermons seen
L'Aemathion paſſer montz Pyrennees

rename man Barons manners  Bonne Sectarians fear sister ascertains  ancestries menace Marsan born
En Mars Narbonne fera reſiſtance

remap meter refer safer readings misarranged dreamings ape men named
Par mer et terre fera ſi grand menee

Europes powers re-empowered a cancer panic any ty[r]ant see Tanya teeter
Cap n'ayant terre ſeure pour demeurance
The Macedonian to pass the Pyrenees mountains,
In March Narbonne will not offer resistance
By land and sea he will carry on very great intrigue
Headland / Cape having no land safe for residence.
L'Aemathion paſſer montz Pyrennees
En Mars Narbonne fera reſiſtance
Par mer et terre fera ſi grand menee
Cap n'ayant terre ſeure pour demeurance
L1: <misanthropes not a male seen><pyrmontz lame aristophanes(400bc><plyrt) seen><a male senatorship><more passion><melanpathia sermons seen> zeptyr emathion aspersion haematoin theomania pyre ainsoph iohn aristophanes monster samael personas me

L2: <fear sister><name born> barons ancestries none raises sectarians rare menace antics ascent rarefies saints ascertains bonne

L3: <misarranged penetrameters(universal><time) refer><tamperer refrigerates named><safer meandering> disarrange midrange granaries rarefies damn manned fear named arraigns dreaming teeter prearm

L4: <runa reempouuered>< reuse cancer pan>any-pattern europes europe tyrtaean(lame greek emissary) tyana
1: misanthropes, aristophanes, senatorship, reempouuered, refrigerates, anypattern, Pyrmontz, zeptyr,
2: haematoin, theomania, aspersion, ainsoph, Samael,
3: misarranged, meandering, ascertains, sectarians, Emathion, Tyrtaean, repouuer, sermons,
4: dreaming, midrange, rarefies, rarefies, manners, pontz,
5: ancestries, resistance, menacer,
6: arraigns, manure, menace,
7: granaries, personas, passion, Tanya, math,
8: disarrange, Iohn,
9: -
10: tamperer,
11: cancer, barns,
12: barons,
13: manned,
14: monsters, Bonne, spans,
15: sits,
16: respans, sermon, repour, bonn,
17: -
18: -
19: Europes, rename, teeter,
20: -
21: baron,
22: agrise, Europe, sites,
23: sefira.

Key Ideas:

Aristophanes, senatorship, reempouuered, misanthropes, refrigerates, AnyPattern, Pyrmonts, misarranged, theomania, ascertains/Sectarians, aspersion, Emathion, ancestries, dreaming, repower, sermons, passion, rarefies, monster, menace, personas, manner, Europe, Bonne, manned, sites, baron, teeter.


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