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Nostradamus C9 Q65: Persians regard environmental genocide as treason.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 65  Great scandal over unripe fruit resonates with Summers ancient fruit calendar in that its failure leads to genocide.This verse provides powerful anagrams about Nostradamus coding methods that suggest Persian coding system enter calendars.


Others point to the references that flesh out the nature of the code but their confirmation relies on threads involving other verses. It also includes  anagrams such as genocide, superseminator and Serpentarius all of which help place it in the stream of prophecies about the coming genetic mutation era.

The anagrams providing the frame for this verse include:

1. Dead clones genocide rendered via Languedocien coding 
2. Persian system Easter generous superseminator Serpentarius arouse
3. Nogaret's arrogant calendars
fruitless summer Norse surfeit ascend
4. Eruptive danger reveal olden gun-range pulverate Langvar
He goes into the corner of Luna,
Where he is captured and put in a strange land
Unripe fruits are the subject of great scandal
Great blame, to one great praise.

Dedans le coing de luna viendra rendre
Ou ſera prins et mys en terre eſtrange
Les fruitz immeurs ſeront a grand eſclandre
Grand vitupere a l'vn grande louange.

Anagram sequences in French Text  ( ~ means full line used)

  1. < coding><rendereD calends><encoding-value><enclosing invalued [inestimable] Dead/eDda><invader renDered genocide lands anul><~invader rendereD languedocien lands~> <devaluing rear end icon><invader gundeal rendereD lands icon>
  2. <generOuS persian rates(star)> <SuperseminatOr generateS><enter system><generate OurSe/Ursae/ SerpentariuS> <pertains my entOurage><generOuS eaStern pair enter system><argentOus [silvery] repairS>
  3. <nogaretS summer calendar rend itz surfeit> <arrogant clans eLders end><norSe red mizt calendars grant Sumers seLf surfeit>< not a clanS danger>:<Summers><decanS / aScend grant fruitLesz re-land>
  4. <eruptive danger anvl><pulverate><pure adverting [promoting]><engraver-olden-language><vernal danger> reveal
1: Languedocien, encoding-value, superseminator, fruitlesz, pulverate, summers, genocide, invalued,
2: Serpentarius, angiopressure, devaluing, enclosing, arrogant, coding, rendered, fruits, mizt,
3: eruptive, uproariness, summer, resumes, argentous, system, eluding, surfeit, divan, adverting, 
4: -
5: -
6: Persian-Ur, slandered, generous, fruit, reveal,
7: calendars, transpire, minster, Angou,
8: invade, epurate, furies, redden, egg,
9: sumers, itz,
10: refuels,
11: Nogarets, pertains, painters, gundeal, lenders, slender, vernal, ecoli, mime,
12: -
13: Vienna, imm, mmi,
14: calends, Nogaret, clans,
15: scaled, velar, furs,
16: reenters, ascend, decans, dances, venal,
17: -
18: uprears, anvl,
19: treasons, repute,
20: generates / teenagers, repairs, flees / feels,
21: d'Orlean, Leonard, lender,
22: -
23: -

Languedocien, coding, renders, summer, vernal, calendars, value, genocide, eruptive, Serpentarius, super-seminator, uproariness, arrogant, Persian, generous, system, pertains, treasons, Nogaret, clans, upraises, Leonard, d'Orlean, gundeal.

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