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Nostradamus C9 Q66: Exhausted environmental officials turn to teachers for help in combating a genocidal cult.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 9 Quatrain 66 This verses text fits into the story of the Earths recovery from future great floods. The anagrams reveal with this story and create a reactionary picture of a state acting against people considered 'beasts' because of their genetic origin. The text of this verse fits comfortably with the story of the recovery of the earth from great floods after 3100CE.

 The anagrams also comply with this story and create a reactionary picture of a state acting against people considered 'beasts' because of their genetic origin. The people of many lands justify their antipathy to these creatures on the basis they see them as a product of Lucifer.

Anagrams giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Anthracenes environs resonate reason Agen teachers paint men X-vision era
2. States officez bashes hauls the basest beastz Sebastien has built
3. Verses redress overfragile ovaries overtiredness Lucifer age prime tormenter picture
4. Curies debates proceeds reurge coders recodes beast corpse CLUII
There will be peace, union and change,
Estates, offices, low high and high very low
To prepare a trip, the first offspring torment,
War to cease, civil process, debates.
Paix vnion ſera et changement
Eſtatz offices bas hault et hault bien bas
Dreſſer voiage le fruict premier torment
Guerre ceſſer ciuil proces debatz.
L1: <ix vnions create><rates men change><paint in xv reason teach> nearest environs anthracenes enervations easter xvi chant teacher hengam trace cheat resonate teachers senior teresa

L2: < off statez haul><beans built hate><has base>abash tubal asbestine ecbasis sebastien heat states bashes abscise(cut) offices bite teth thau bass shaula het bases thea beasts bans basest

L3: <tormenter permit lucifer><seers overfragile picture more merit> redress overtiredness tremor emptier versess overstrides dessert viragoes viroses aegle agiel ovaries eagle

L4: <de batz(charles)><gruze debates process><creeds perilous cries> crises guzerat ciuil corpse curies ceres debase obsecrated based codes proceeds beta scorpiel score coders cruises crop
2: STATES, TEACHERS, OBSECRATED, Shaula, states, Gruze,
5: TORMENTOR, DEBASES, VERSES, BASEST, BEASTS basest, beasts, tubal,
6: vnions, cruises,
7: vnion,
8: charte, create, xvi,
9: hengam,
10: resonate, recodes, permit, dessert, Curies, based,
11: bases,
12: emptier,
13: hauls, Bass, hate / heat / Thea,
14: paint,
15: torment, tremor, furie,
16: creates, over,
17: curie, beans, aeagle,
18: refuel, bans,
19: -
20: redress, rioter, beta, off,
21: coders / scored, mange,
22: cheat / teach.
23: -

overtiredness, overfragile, overstrides, enervations, anthracenes, asbestine, Sebastien, viragoes, environs, offices, ecbasis, abscise, viroses, ovaries, statez, bashes, built, obsecrated, teachers, guzerat, Shaula, states, Gruze, proceeds, picture, debates, ciuil, abash, firecult, Lucifer, teacher, crises,  tormenter, basest, beasts, tubal, debase, verses, guez, Teth, unions, cruises, charte, create, xvi, Hengam, resonate, recodes, permit, dessert, Curies, based, bases, emptier, hauls, Bass, heat, paint, torment, tremor, furie, creates, over, beans, eagle, refuel, bans, redress, rioter, beta, off, coders. teach.


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