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Nostradamus C9 Q67: Genocide used to control lethal plague striking Southern Europe at Easter.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 67  From mountain heights ninth stone slab of Donzere castle holds the cremators secret essayThe story in  C9 Q31, C10 Q18 and C9 Q.67 is a detailed account of a disease in Southern Europe and it covers location timing, victims, symptoms and the disposal of the dead. It also builds the links to Nostradamus ciphers for disease around the names of people who dealt with beasts of terror.


Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Idle demons talents modulates haul Montazel deuteron zeal saluted
2. Cholera portal basements enclave problems echo petrolz  assent
3. A new creed teaches earlier decrees alter enzoned  fire-up
4. Cremators essay on assembly of mans secret clones fans electron tremors
From height of the mountains around Isere,
One hundred assembled at Valen Rock haven
For ninth stone of chateau in late Donzere
Against Crest, Romans, faith assembled.

Du hault des montz a l'entour de Lizer
Port a la roche Valen cent aſſemblez
De chaſteau neuf pierre late en donzere
Contre le creſt Romans foy aſſemblez.
  1. <our talentz reziLeD adult omens><~zelant ruled modest haul is not rueD~><montazel [town in S France] saluted not ruled><Druze lied >modulates deuteron [heavy hydrogen]
  2.  <enclaVe / Valence baSementS cholera Portalz><altar enclaVe aSSent Problemz><leave naScent choral> <aScent Portal / Patrol sembleZ
  3. <haSte Decreez a neuu pilferer><Detaches a neuu rezoned earlier teen><creeD haS dozen / zoned><eaSt cheereD aneuu> <dozen SearcheD> <denote a neuu Seat zen reacheD>
  4. <electron tRemorS><aSSembly of man's ReSelector><eleCtronz Secret aSSembly><coRnmaSters embaSSy of elEctronz><RoSter mans embaSSy of Clonez>
1: Montazel, modulates, reselector, basements, problemz, pilferer, talentz, reziled, decreez,
2: cornmasters, assembly, rezoned, cheered, dozen,
3: electronz, cremators, Fossyan, searched, embassy, semblez, enclave, valence, choral, nascent, clonez, zelant, talez, have,
4: Druze, leave,
5: scathed, modest, decree,
6: detaches, secthead, reselect, reached, Tropez, senates, cozen, essay,
7: ascents, aneuu, uuane,
8: saluted, says,
9: tremors, teaches, earlier, haste,
10: cholera, portal, Carlo,
11: denote, zeal, Hud,
12: deuteron, neuu,
13: -
14: assemble, matrons, liez,
15: horace,
16: nearmost, Menastor, modes, venal,
17: rotund, demons, adult,
18: chased, creed,
19: -
20: -
21: chaste, riper,
22: unseat, Tudor, altar.
23: -

modulates, problems, reselector, Montazel, basements, pilferer, talents, reziled, decrees, cornmasters, assembly, rezoned, cheered, dozen, electrons, cremators, Fossyan, searched, embassy, sembles, enclave, valence, choral, nascent, clones, zelant, tales, have,  Druze, leave, scathed, modest, decree, detaches, secthead, reselect, reached, Tropez, senates, cozen, essay, ascents, anew, wane, saluted, says,  tremors, teaches, earlier, haste, cholera, portal, Carlo, denote, zeal, Hud, deuteron, new, assemble, matrons, lies, Horace, nearmost, Menastor, modes, venal, rotund, demons, adult, chased, creed, chaste, riper,unseat, Tudor, altar.


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