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Nostradamus C9 Q68: Brothel workers sterilised to stop the spread of disease.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The story that emerges from this verse is meant to demonstrate the harshness of military law in the 22nd century and seems to describe events against brothels in France. The anagrams imply that a person using their alternate name takes charge of a surgical operation used on those working in brothels. These operations are backed by military force.

Anagrams most able to give meaning to this verse include:

 mounted amount army obscure reason Mary (Marie) Curie anatomy autonym
Du mont Aymar ſera noble obſcurcie

evil alive invader aura join consented enter Norse male
Le mal viendra au joinct de ſonne et roſne

Iacobs bands abscision Chesols dat[e]s Jov[e]s Euclidean rules
Dans bois caichez ſoldatz jour de Lucie

quin thrones confute fine count his horriblest Norse others brothels
Qui'ne fut onc vn si horrible throſne
The noble of Mount Aymar will be made obscure,
The evil will come at the junction of the Saone and Rosne
Soldiers hidden in the woods on Lucy's day,
Never was there so horrible a throne.
Du mont Aymar ſera noble obſcurcie
Le mal viendra au joinct de ſonne et roſne
Dans bois caichez ſoldatz jour de Lucie
Qui'ne fut onc vn si horrible throſne
L1: <cried obscure><idea mary mount><reason army cobbles amount><anatomy rears> noble atony autonym ayont cobbles rearms myra curie curbs arnebo amounted lobes maya circus

L2: <aura join><evil norse male><enter son> arnaud consented avile invader none costed alive levi odin-sect odinsect

L3: <abscision idea><ruled ice bands> euclidean lozes zealots dianes louder boundaries bosnia sabon chi iob iacobs debosnia curled bans

L4: <his horriblest><equine horns fount> shorten others or thrones count confute brothels brothel quinones rho enif shin belt het shorn holster
1: abscision, brothels, cobbles, anatomy, brothel, iacobs,
2: consented, euclidean, debosnia, autonym, confute,
3: odinsect, quinones,
4: holster, circus,
5: horriblest, noticed, atony, ayont, fount, maya,
6: amounted, mounted, obscure, bands, horns, shorn,
7: bosnia, others, army, myra, mary,
8: equorins, curled, curbs,
9: thrones, shorten, costed, arnebo, short, lobes,
10: venial, lozes, shin, idea,
11: amount, arnaud, loads, other,
12: sabon, othr, thor,
13: count, equine,
14: load,
15: entones, enamel, sold,
16: mount, rearms, cried, join,
17: euclid, curie,
18: bans,
19: britle, noble, reaon,
20: mound,
21: baron, belt,
22: horrible, alive, avile,
23: -

brothels, horriblest, abscision, consented, Euclidean, cobbles,anatomy, quinones, autonym, confute, Iacobs, obscure, circus, noticed, Bosnia, thrones, mounted, curbs, curled, lobes, Baron, cried, army, equine, sold, short, loads.

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