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Nostradamus C9 Q71: Europeans find hairy-animal carcasses in icecaps.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text and anagrams of this verse imply the carcass of a hairy animal is found in an icecape. The anagrams also suggest that any such discovery  is opposed by a pope. The theme of this verse in interlinked with the next quatrain (C9 Q72)

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

USA lie causes Iexus craze Nazi mania main waves Canizares sister tries
Aux lieux ſacrez animaux veu a trixe

clue uniquely arose reason Joel aequorins (bio-luminescsnt chem) cau[s]e war
Auec celuy qui n'osera le jour

a sons carcass across icecap presounding copper  race
A Carcaſſonne pour diſgrace propice

Popes serious opposure  propulse purpose pursual samples
Sera pose pour plus ample ſeiour
At the holy places animals seen with hair,
With him who will not dare the day
At Carcassonne propitious for disgrace,
He will be set for a more ample stay.
Aux lieux ſacrez animaux veu a trixe
Auec celuy qui n'osera le jour
A Carcaſſonne pour diſgrace propice
Sera pose pour plus ample ſeiour
L1: <ux as main craze><a ux lie>canizares(sp gov peru) alexiu(mansion) s xeus azine mazarine aim lxi aziman vex zain nazi xli neza mania crazes acruxs uxli iexus

L2: <joel arose in uuar><a cue cluey quin> joue aequorins ajour yule uniquely reason senior orleans

L3: <sigurd son open race prop presounding across race><none is proud a carcass grace><copper ice><is poured> scars epic icecap ursid grids sudri copier graces caa

L4: <operas purpose><plus serious sample><usa psalm> popes rouse aesop pauls sleep opposure papoose pursual uprears map appose paros opera prouuls propulse operas maps loupieres lamp propulsu
1: presounding, canizares, opposure, mazarine, papoose, aziman, sigurd, copper,
2: uniquely, carcass, icecap, azine,
3: aequorins, loupieres, prouuls, pursual, oppose, across, grids,
4: samples, acruxes, acruxs, acruxs, crag,
5: purpose, prouul, cauxes, appose,
6: propulsu, propulse, alexius, crazes, scarez, graces, psalm,
7: alexiu, ajour, isxue, craze, nazi, zain, joel,
8: equorins, serious, copier, mauls, popes, sudri, ursid, scars,
9: aesop,
10: sample,
11: neza,
12: grace,
13: opera,
14: -
15: eloise,
16: joue, epic,
17: -
18: uprears,
19: mania, arcas, lamp, palm, raze,
20: cluey,
21: exil,
22: -
23: -

Canizares, uniquely, presounding, Mazarine, opposure, aequorins, copper, prouuls, Sigurd, carcass, propulse, pursual, icecap, , samples, purpose, Alexius, acruxs, across, Caepio, causes, grids, appose, serious, Aesop, copier, uprears, popes, psalm, graces, Nazi, mania.

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