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Nostradamus C9 Q72: Ancient animal bones the source of many religious relics used by believers in a Christ lineage.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagram for Waldensian  (leuain Dans A), a sect founded in Southern France and erased after several centuries, is found in this verse. It together with another for Magedelynes l May gens de ) defines a heretical religious tone linked to those who believed that Christ was part of a mortal line. Other anagrams include relics, containerless, cornerstones and sentinels which implies a hiding place for relics. And these concepts match well with that raised in the previous verse C9 Q71.Nostradamus Prophecies verse C9 Q72 basis of Christ lineage

There is one of the rare anagrams for Cornerstones in the first line and appears in conjunction with rare anagrams for enclosures while in the third line there is an anagram for circles.

The lettering for poles is also found in the first line and no other anagram has  a better claim for using that part of the line. It is adjacent to enclosures which implies it is Ursa Minor that is the focus of these entries. And the turned circles found as anagram in the third line points to it being tied to the end of this century when the Pole star is closest to the North Pole.

The verse holds far more knowable names as anagrams than almost all other verses. The complexity of their structure implies they serve the purpose of identifying the people of a new leaven mentioned in the last line of text. The tone of the gestalt (text and anagrams) is consistent with the story line of a mortal Christ and the events that are linked to that tale at the end of this century.


Again will the holy temples be polluted,
And plundered by the Senate of Toulouse
Saturn two three cycles completed,
In April, May, people of new leaven.
Encor ſeront les ſaincts temples pollus
Et expillez par Senat Tholoſſain
Saturne deux trois cicles reuollus
Dans Auril May gens de nouueau leuain
L1: <norse counsellor><once temples use polls><less cornerstones> sensical containerless enclosures tempts antics pelopsin solates scantiest coroners stempel scorn counsellors score sentinals 

L2: <at anothers ill loss><pill sparez>antaresin expiate insolates hot northeast anxieties essaion(essenes) solo that oasis

L3: <as turned><rune uxed><riots exude><natures icicles>circles icrostic tarsus(st paul's) xristo saturnus osiric relics extrude tallouus unasserted uxed under ussat susa standreuus cecil utx sutras cecils reuse

L4: <magdelynes ouun><ualue in><uualdensian amyluria><uuodens malingery><and auue in usa uueal(wealth)>< ouun>diana ganymedes(cupbearer of gods) endouus nasa egyn dianna sar(u/v) anandi(zero) iudaean adrianus(pope 1523) may sandn riual uiral
1: UUaldensian, Magdelynes, counsellor, malingery, St-Andreuus, enclosures, coroners, circles, Xristo,
2: containerless, cornerstone, northeast, inexpiate, icrostic, amyluria, Adrianus, icicles, Iudaean, corners, polls,
3: cornerstones, unasserted, Saturnus, endouus, Wodens, Essaion, Osiric, Dianna,
4: insolates (2x), sentinals, Cecils, cicles,
5: scantiest, consorter, counsel, tempts, sparez,
6: endouu, ouuned, uuoden,
7: -
8: -
9: sensical, Tarsus, Sutras, scorn,
10: Stemples, loss,
11: undoes, poll,
12: presatan,
13: extrude, Antares, relics, utx,
14: uueal, ualue, runas, pix,
15: -
16: Oslo,
17: turned, duetx, oasis, cci,
18: Sauls,
19: -,
20: stemple, USSAT, Nasau, uanei,
21: -
22: -
23: apez.

Waldensian, Magdelynes, counsellor, malingery, St-Andrews, enclosures, coroners, circles, Xristo, containerless, cornerstone, northeast, inexpiate, icrostic, amyluria, Adrianus, icicles, Iudaean, corners, polls, cornerstones, unasserted, Saturnus, endows, Wodens, Essaion, Osiric, Dianna, insolates, sentinals, Cecils, cicles, scantiest, consorter, counsel, tempts, sparez, owned,  sensical, Tarsus, Sutras, scorn, Stemples, loss, undoes, poll, presatan, extrude, Antares, relics, value, runas,  Oslo,  turned, duetx, oasis, cci, Sauls, USSAT, Nasau, apez.

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