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Nostradamus C9 Q73: A religious mystery uncovered by an invader in 2105 when Ursae-Minor passes its zenith.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Although this enigmatic verse retains much of its mystery it is clear there is a code basis justifying the obscurity. It remains consistent with the tone of other verses with a focus on the secret history of the Polestars turning in 2100.

Anagrams important for this verse include:

obdurate fans of Joyce zero entries Jule[s] brute unelaborated
Dans Fois entrez Roy cejulee Turbao

Ursae-Minor (Pole star) slower nature generate gene genre enamoring  German outlaws
Et regnera moins reuolu ſaturne

urbane Troy banal urban cannibals Nazi renou[n]ce baronry
Roy Turban blanc Bizance coeur ban

solemn arms recur purer rune u[n]leash morals
Sol Mars Mercure pres la hurne
The Blue Turban King entered into Foix,
And he will reign less than a revolution of Saturn
The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished,
Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius.
Dans Fois entrez Roy cejulee Turbao
Et regnera moins reuolu ſaturne
Roy Turban blanc Bizance coeur ban
Sol Mars Mercure pres la hurne

L1: <entries oF><julec obDuraTe Fans><insert cey of zeRo> abroaD joyce unelaborated

L2: <ursae-minor nature Soul><a Slouuer turn rEgenerate runes><megaron / gameron in natureS louuer trEe><german senior trEe a Slouu turn><~monsiuer Soul nature trEe range~>enamoring

L3: <alan-ubbr nazi / zain noTaRy> <urban Troy urbane>baRonry

L4:<peers alMonerS haul recur><hales Moral runeS><SoleMn arMs haul recur>

1: restore-meaning, cannibalz, unelaborated, Ursae-Minor, enamoring, outlauus, unhorse, rammers, abroad, aboard, Joyce, cabin,
2: last-rouu, regenerate, baronry, barony,
3: Monsieur,
4: obdurate, urbane, urban,
5: repulser, morals, Moirae, enterz,
6: Gameron, Megaron, nibaz, zero,
7: ein-sof, Taurus, Nazi / Zain, cey,
8: broad, slouu,
9: -,
10: Salome, errz,
11: louuers / slouuer,
12: almoners, notary,
13: hauls, brute / rebut, louu, coy,
14: uueal / ualue, runas, pix,
15: banal,
16: re-arms,
17: Josef, purer,
18: moral, recur,
19: -,
20: engram / German,
21: louuer, baron, rezt,
22: -,
23: Simon.

unelaborated, UrsaeMinor, enamoring, Gameron, outlaws, Monsieur, Joyce, urbane, baronry, regenerate, obdurate, almoners, banal, notary, lowers, urbane, morals, slower, Moirae, enters, purer, brute, German, Nazi, rearms, zero, cey.

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