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Nostradamus C9 Q74: Religious relics are mutilated, cremated and stored in Nordic vaults.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 74  Homicide at Fertsod amidst great deforestation scandal where Castilel citadel is dichotomised.The enigmatic text of this verse is made more readable by seeing it within the flow of ideas in nearby verses in which an invaders desecration of religious relics is apparent. Anagrams such as mutilate, delicate and treasured support this approach. Other anagrams such as Nordic vault give detail to the invasion since it ties in with references in Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle where two Northern kings unite with an Eastern leader in the invasion of Europe.

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

1. Eddic scandal freed dichotomised lands Castile citadels deforested
2. After Rafuna fiat enactment refutable name meant fate mutilate remnant
3. Corner rerouted once neurons assure time traders dreamt  treasured
4. Vernaculate storms upsets vault clan  truer pulses corpsman  postures
In the city of Fertsod homicide,
Deed, and deed many oxen plowing no sacrifice
Return again to the honors of Artemis,
And to Vulcan bodies dead ones to bury.
Dans la cite de Fertsod homicide
Fait et fait multe beuf arant ne macter
Retour encores aux honneurs d'Artemide
Et a Vulcan corps morts ſepulturer.
L1: <dichotomised lands freed><softer and delicate><catholicism died> dialect feted deceit dochmii citadels canals fettered scandal sadden freest defter deforested medici sod hod declinates salic clans castile elastic

L2: <remnant trace><a refutable enactment fair><meant ultimate fate><after it mutilate men><far belt> urfa afire afar latium fear name tumble cremate a rafuna bet tifaret

L3: <treasured route><core as ux rune><none timed> diameter traders neurons nord hausen underrates unserrated once rerouted exhaust dimeter dreamt sadr duras coarse score counter asunder tiered corner

L4: <can vault><nuclear reactor> avert lettrure monocarps postures pustules steps pulses corpsman vernaculate rupture storms sorts truer crops
1: dichotomised, vernaculate, monocarps, deforested, enactment, corpsman, refutable, mutilate, pustules, Medici,
2: fettered, Latium, tumble, cremate, defter,
3: unserrated, Tifaret, remnant, Eddic,
4: postures, deforest, upsets,
5: declinates, vault,
6: treasured, dimeter, canals,
7: citadels, rerouted, Rafuna, corner, feted,
8: diameter, storms, timed, sorts,
9: neurons, Salic,
10: scandal, Duras, Hod,
11: avert,
12: delicate,
13: -
14: dialect / citadel, Castile / elastic, dreamt, clans,
15: -
16: retards / traders, deceit,
17: -
18: enroute, reroute, freest,
19: -
20: defer / freed, died, Vau,
21: neuron, belt,
22: forest / softer, fate,
23: crops.

dichotomised, vernaculate, monocarps, deforested, enactment, corpsman, refutable, mutilate, pustules, Medici, pustule, fettered, Vulcan, Latium, tumble, cremate, defter, underrates, Tifaret, remnant, Eddic, postures, deforest, upsets, declinates, vault, treasured, Dimeter, canals, citadels, rerouted, Rafuna, corner, feted, diameter, storms, timed, sorts, neurons, Salic, scandal, Duras, Hod, avert, delicate, citadel, Castile, dreamt, clans, traders, deceit, enroute, reroute, freest, died, Vau, neuron, belt, softer, fate, crops.


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