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Nostradamus C9 Q76: Late in the 21stC air travel is the setting for a leaders murder.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 76  The ciphers that provide the key to where this verse belongs in Nostradamus tales of the future lies in allusions to Nero and 'military hand left'. These imply it is a reference to a transplanteee clone who leads the rebellion against such practices. The anagrams suggest that the murder of this leader comes about by sabotage of an airplane.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Texans agents relevance airoplaner nauseating taxes unseating Lorraine apes
2. Isus dupe sensory ape on inhuman inner line adulter
3. My meme useful enigmas again used Auch limit Michel fleuu Emirate
4. Remunerators enjoy Auch lauu rule on party surname
With the rapacious and blood-thirsty king,
Issued from the pallet of the inhuman Nero
Between two rivers military hand left,
He will be murdered by Young Baldy.
Auec le noir Rapax et ſanguinaire
Yſſu du peaultre de l'inhumain Neron
Emmy deux fleuues main gauche militaire
Sera murtry par Joyne chaulueron.
L1: <exasperation clue><unites nuclear-age> texans iguanians separatrix nauseating unseating agents texas lorraine guineaair taxes airoplaner against iran releuance angus apex clone

L2: <nero line><inhuman irony><uses adultery dupe> noysainhum sensory telluride nonnaire aim inhumane ysus neiman nahum yssu nine inner rosny minna nuh

L3: <use magian fuel><uuiseman flex><emirate fluxed> michel enigmas my militia fleuu aim lii augian again guiana iames melchi limit mem magians amuse gacu uxeful

L4: <remunerators pray lauu><party rule on each>marut auch murat(lineage) try eunuchal parry surname uuhaler reason ualue numerators haul enjoy louuer
1: remunerators, nauseating, telluride, eunuchal, uuiseman, texans, texas, taxes,
2: airoplaner, inhumaner, Michel,  uuhaler, magian, uuhale,
3: unseating, inhumane, magians, enjoy,
4: inhuman, human, apex,
5: numerators, maturer, parry,
6: iguanians, militia, surname,  guiana, minna, murat, marut, again,
7: sensory,
8: enigmas, fluxed, emirate, limit, neiman, rosny, flux, inner, flex, lauu, suds,
9: -
10: party,
11: Lorraine, yssu, ysus, joy,
12: -
13: chime, fuelx,
14: amuse, ualue, uueal, inane,
15: sauing, aeria,
16: inaner,
17: relied, lined,
18: -
19: -
20: -
21: louuer,
22: arum, mura,
23: nosy, noys, sony,

GuineaAir, airoplaner, remunerators, nauseating, telluride, inhumane, unseating, eunuchal, wiseman, numerators, relevance, Iguanians, inhuman, whaler, Texans, militia, Magians, enigmas, Michel, enjoy, law, sensory, surname, limit, Emirate, inner, joy, party, fuels, fluxed, Lorraine Jesus, relied, again, unseating, whale.

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