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Nostradamus C9 Q77: Family line of a murdered leader executed in 21stC when many asteroids fall.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This story is part of the story of the hunt and eradication of the Jesus line by the Eastern invader. The anagrams supply further details of the operation enforced on people to examine their DNA.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

General gene ripens lines role uncoy spinner earlier
Le regne prins le Roy conuiera

remap names remains arisen in nearmost mortuaries armorplated assort
La dame prinſe a mort jurez a sort

finely alive evi[l] roya[l] life denies son oldness infolds  arsenide in adrenalines
La vie a Royne fils on deſniera

Alpille petal axil dorsocentral platelet fluorated lead colorants
Et la pellix au fort de la conſort.
The realm taken the King will conspire,
The lady taken to death ones sworn by lot
They will refuse life to the Queen and son,
And the mistress at the fort of the wife.
Le regne prins le Roy conuiera
La dame prinſe a mort jurez a sort
La vie a Royne fils on deſniera
Et la pellix au fort de la conſort.
L1: <lines are><coy persian role ruin gene> palegreen eulerian spinner rleonis earlier ariel conroy enlarger roslyne

L2: <persian made mortal><mortar injures zealots> adam urzaemajor azores palmated mortuarjes zoreastur names marines armorplated razes loadstar azure pimander menastor matrones permian somniare

L3: <vain royal life><denies real son alive> lifes adrenalines lava arsenide avail infolds foils finely oldness valerians avile aerial enif leonids raelian ariel onyar

L4: <axil platelet><tale located four><of ill><anxious fort> alix cronos colorants fluorated paxillae lxi plate dorsocentral delta xli dalet latter deflator pallet soon
1: dorsocentral, armorplated, mortuarjes, adrenalines, colorants, zoreastur, valerians, palmated, infolds, azores,
2: paxillae, loadstar, platelet, conroy, oldness, finely,
3: fluorated, deflator, located,
4: perrmeations, consort, foretld, alpille, pallet,
5: palegreen, spinner, cronos, foils,
6: platter, alix, axil, razes,
7: raelian, avail, lava,
8: latter, rattle, azure,
9: earlier, caelo,
10: leonids, eulerian,
11: pimander, arsenide, jut,
12: rleonis, onyar,
13: files, flies, lifes, coy,
14: -
15: -
16: matrones, menastor, nearmost, sorely,
17: aerial, adam, soon,
18: -
19: marines, remains, raze,
20: -
21: elfin, plate, petal,
22: avile, alive,
23: -

Key Ideas:

dorsocentral, armorplated, adrenalines, colorants, Valerians, finely, palmated, fluorated, paxillae, infolds, mortuaries, oldness, located, platelet, infolds, palegreen, permeations, consor, Alpille, Azores, Cronos, pallet, Menastor, Eulerian, Leonids, arsenide, foils, rattle, marine, life, spinner, earlier, arsenide, Pimander, files coy Adam, nearmost , remains, elfin, petal, alive.

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