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Nostradamus C9 Q79: Despite their remorse those who failed to oppose a brigand are killed for their riches.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse continues the story of the ravages of the 22ndC invader who enters the newly created water-filled lands of Southern France.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

fraudster started gamete game fleeched (coaxed) far ape class
Le chef de claſſe par fraude ſtratageme

after misedit  timid stories misdoers tried all Leaguers legal seller rules
Fera timides ſortir de leurs galleres

seems stories truism richest chiefs free ruined Moses creeds Christ refine
Sortis murtris chef renieur de creſme

uprisal resupplies marble crumbles underly unorderly rumbles stolen sales suppliers pleasure uprise
Puis par l'embuſche luy rendront les ſaleres
The chief of the fleet through deceit and trickery
Will make the timid ones come out of their galleys
Come out, murdered, the chief renouncer of chrism,
Then through ambush they will pay him his wages.
Le chef de claſſe par fraude ſtratageme
Fera timides ſortir de leurs galleres
Sortis murtris chef renieur de creſme
Puis par l'embuſche luy rendront les ſaleres
L1: <stargate fraud melee><feed leech class><a gamete> astarte scales strata urfa classed meltage treats tetragram started fleeched lapses tatar

L2: <misdoers fear legal rules it tried><after seer><timid stories relied> missed airtime leaguers messidor resell faster missorted refers gall sefirat seller argues sorts deliuer misedit

L3: <rue refine richest creeds><christ tourisms ruined free><stories chiefs><truism ruined><seem crude refine> reduce finer cured moistures remorses sum ceres moses chifres screed some cruder

L4: <releases rumbles><such paris pleasures><not end less ruly> unorderly surprise uprisal underly marble crumbles uprises lepers yule embus epirus spiral priapus slumber resupplies repulse brumel pairs
1: unorderly, missorted, crumbles, Messidor / misdoers, stargate, chifres, meltage, truism, gamete,
2: resupplies, moistures, tourisms, underly, remorses, started, Brumel,
3: misedit, rumbles / slumber, melee,
4: cruder, strata, Gemel,
5: Priapus, Christ, timid,
6: fairest / Sefirat, chiefs, Piapus, Astarte,
7: -
8: leaguers, airtime, missed, sorts,
9: repulse, gall,
10: richest, uprisal, classed, spiral, reduce, such, ruly,
11: pleasures, sampler,
12: embus, mage,
13: fleeched, deliuer, riches, cured / crude, Moses,
14: pleasure, uprises, creeds / screed, refine, start, dirt,
15: releases, scaled, faster, legal, lags,
16: deriue,
17: argues, relied,
18: fraud, creed,
19: finer / infer,
20: -
21: marble, resell, seller, sides,
22: -
23: tried / tired.

unorderly, missorted, chifres, resupplies, truism, underly, misdoers, remorses, meltage, crumbles, moistures, rumbles, started, misedit, gamete, Priapus, pleasures, Christ, fleeched, fairest, Leaguers, richest, airtime, chief, fraud, uprisal, releases, creeds, Moses, missed,  Messidor, stargate, gamete, tourisms, Brumel, misedit, rumbles, melee, cruder, strata, Gemel, Priapus, Sefirat, Astarte, sorts, repulse, gall, classed, spiral, reduce, such, ruly, sampler, embus, mage, fleeched, deliver, riches, crude, refine, start, dirt,scaled, faster, legal, lags, derive, argues, relied, infer, marble, seller, sides, tried.


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