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Nostradamus C9 Q80: The inferno created by a cult that leads to the fertility problems of men.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 80  Duke deliberately sends followers to deadly trap to remedy intersexual practicesThis verse is one of many that detail the consequences of the disasters that befall man during this century. It deals with matters such as the sexual maladies of men and the underlying inferno generated by the cult mentioned in many of Nostradamus' quatrains about our future fate.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Reinclude word realise residual sense externalises in term sixteen
2. Genes greatness you relay pulses for early year list of intersexual generants
3. Parizienne party ruin era culture
4. Arab barbs bears nonfervent vainness issuable inferno not avenged
The Duke wants to exterminate his followers,
He sends the strongest ones to strange places:
Through tyranny to ruin Pisa and Lucca,
Then the Barbarians gather grapes without wine.
Le Duc voudra le ſiens exterminer
Enuoyera les plus forts lieux eſtranges
Par tyrannie Pize et Luc ruinera
Puis les Barbares ſans vin feront vendanges
  1. <unrealiSed sex term><Seal reincLudDe vuord Sixteen> <rime externaliSes><~uvord Sixteen curLed ermine Seal~><miner exerts>
  2. <ux generateS you list for psellus><psellus year of extrusile>.<flourites early pulses> <interSexual gEnes pleasure you><uxe psellus greatneSs for year> repeals
  3. <ranni Party ruin cuLt era><nine ran Party cuLture in era>eLitez
  4. <arab Bless><advent inferno> <issuablE bar><nonfervent vainness><Bears bear> raBbles
1: externalises, intersexual, nonfervent, saviness, sixteen,
2: flourites, reinclude, extrusile, issuable, culture, rabbles,
3: unrealised, inferno, advent,
4: residual, sidereal, elitez,
5: barbs,
6: generants, exerts, zepi,
7: -
8: Psellus, curled, early / layer,
9: interm, incur / runic,
10: Iseult, party, cult,
11: -
12: -
13: lecture,
14: inane,
15: exert,
16: inaner,
17: greatness, zete,
18: miner, Ranni, liner,
19: ermine, finer / infer,
20: realise, uvord, vuord, apart, you,
21: lender, list, vans,
22: bless, year.
23: -

externalises, intersexual, nonfervent, saviness, sixteen, flourites, reinclude, extrusile, issuable, culture, rabbles, unrealised, inferno, advent, residual, sidereal, elites, barbs, generants, exerts, zepi, Psellus, curled, early, interm, incur, Iseult, party, cult, lecture, inane, greatness, Zete, miner, Ranni, liner, ermine, finer, realise, uvord, vuord, apart, you, lender, list, vans, bless, year.

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